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Jellyfish superpowers decoded

Researchers investigate the cellular and molecular mechanisms that control the growth and regeneration of jellyfish tentacles and stinging cells.  

A single, master switch for sugar?

A single brain cell sends simultaneous messages to control two hormones, regulating glucose.  

CN neuron

Winter dust storms linked to Akkadian Empire collapse

Fossil corals show signs of strong and frequent winter shamals that likely led to the ancient civilization's collapse.

4,100 year old fossil

New strains of adenovirus discovered

A genotyping algorithm reveals variations of adenovirus linked to severe respiratory illnesses.   

Four new strains

Beyond the Journal
The science of communication

Press conference preparation

Press conferences are an efficient way to share your research news, but when and how to organize one?  

Multiple angles

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Cars see people with enhanced radar

WiFi concepts that have boosted coverage around homes and offices could also help car sensors distinguish between pedestrians and other slow moving objects.

MIMO for cars

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