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Far flung volcanoes influence Red Sea dynamics 

The Red Sea refreshes faster than researchers previously thought, due in part to climatic events like this 1991 Mount Pinatubo eruption in the Philippines. 
Which plate set off the 9.0 quake near Japan?

Researchers investigated the roles of the Pacific and Okhotsk plates to understand what exactly caused one of the largest earthquakes in recorded history.

Megathrust mechanisms

Rebuilding Nepal's mountain villages

Project Fresh Hope is helping 50 villages devastated by a 2015 earthquake rebuild so they are more resilient. 

Real world grad school

Seawater powers light buoy batteries

Saltwater charges lights on buoy markers, offering a cheaper and more eco-friendly option than existing batteries.   

It desalinates too!

One protein, two pathways, many branches

Research identifies how one protein helps manage the complex branching of nerve cells in the brain. 

Purkinje trees

Beyond the Journal
The science of communicating research with the public

Engage your listeners every time

There is an easy way for scientists to get people excited about their work, even if it is basic research without immediate applications.

Here's how

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Tiny particles hint at universe's puzzling imbalance 

The massive T2K Collaboration is investigating tiny, almost massless particles called neutrinos, and their counterparts, antineutrinos. These are some of the most abundant particles in the universe, yet are very difficult to detect because they rarely interact with anything else. Their behavior may provide clues as to why the universe is full of matter, but hardly any antimatter. 

Deep underground in the Super-Kamiokande detector

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