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New device encourages neural stem cell growth

A nano device enables neural stem cells to grow and differentiate without additional growth factors that can lead to tumors. The structure of the nano matrix "massages" the cells, encouraging their development. Watch the video and read the story.

Material mimics the chameleon

A composite material is able to change its color depending on the background and light exposure.

Froggy insights

Microrobot capsules deliver drugs

Capsule lids open and close to deliver cells and drugs to targeted parts of the body, including the eye and brain. 

Inside, then out

Brain tumors and blood supply

The number of blood-vessel forming cells within astrocytomas, the most common type of brain tumor, increases with age and severity.   

Attack plan?

Flying robots talk amongst themselves

A new algorithm enables a group of unmanned aerial vehicles to communicate directly with each other to carry out a task. 

Drone team

Beyond the Journal
The science of communicating research with the public

Interview prep tips

Speaking with a journalist about your research can be nerve wracking, but doesn't have to be with a little practice. 

What to expect

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Moments in History: The first artificial snowflake 

Japanese physicist Ukichiro Nakaya (1900-1962) produced the first artificial snow crystal on the tip of a single rabbit hair in 1936. Nakaya began researching snow crystals in the early 1930s at Hokkaido University. By taking over 3,000 photographs, he established a classification of natural snow crystals and described their relationships with weather conditions. His work still remains a primary reference on crystal shapes. "Snowflakes are letters sent from heaven," he wrote in his book "Snow Crystals: Natural and Artificial." 

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