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Success reversing dementia in mice sets stage for human clinical trials

A new treatment candidate appears to not only halt neurodegenerative symptoms in mouse models of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, but also reverse the effects of the disorders. Japan’s governing board has declared the treatment candidate safe, paving the way for human clinical trials.
Summer climate pattern enhances heatwaves, wildfires

A newly identified atmospheric circulation in and around the Arctic could drive European heatwaves and large-scale wildfires with air pollution over Siberia and North America.

Meet CAW

The clean power of starch

A tiny device incorporates a compound made from starch and baking soda to harvest energy from movement.

Triboelectric goes nano

Weaving a tale of early-Earth ecosystems

By looking at substances in volcanos, lakes and hotsprings, Earth-Life Science Institute (ELSI) microbiologist Mayuko Nakagawa can start to see the ecosystems that existed billions of years ago. One of a series of Q&As and podcasts with ELSI researchers in English and Japanese.

Enjoy the series

Photo of the Month

Dying Supermassive Black Hole discovered via 3000-year-long light echo

Accidental discovery

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