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Lipid gradient that keeps your eyes wet

The film of tears covering the eye’s surface is vital for eliminating foreign objects, providing oxygen and nutrients to the eye’s outer tissues, and reducing friction with the eyelid. New understanding of how lipids function within tears could lead to better drugs for treating dry eye disease.

Accelerating quantum dot solar panels

Researchers stabilized colloidal quantum dot solar panels so they do not degrade and perform well in real world conditions.

Potassium to the rescue

Small proteins essential for energy production

Malfunctions in a small protein could be behind a range of degenerative diseases. 

Mitochondrial SEPs

Plant damage caused by pollution

Researchers quantify how Hong Kong air pollution, especially ozone, damages plants.

Ozone garden

Focus On
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Thank you experts!

While racing to understand the health, economic and social impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, researchers have also responded to media inquiries, helping ensure accurate information is reported.

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Sparking change through research

Social scientists in Myanmar seeking to understand the factors that influence women’s participation in politics and the economy are finding that, before they can study, first they must inform.

Shifting mindsets

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