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Meet the 'Swiss army knife' of gene expression

When the master regulator of protein production malfunctions, it may contribute to the development of neuronal diseases, such as Alzheimer's and Huntington's.

A COVID-19 Cytokine storm

Researchers propose a possible molecular mechanism that leads to a deadly respiratory syndrome in COVID-19 patients. 

Potential treatment target?

American shorthair cat genome decoded

Multiple advanced genomic technologies were used to assemble all 19 chromosomes of the popular breed to near full length.

Senzu helped

Glass membranes for hydrogen fuel cells

The molecular structure of the glass facilitates protons (H+) moving across the membrane to generate energy under dry conditions.

Just as good as liquid

Beyond the Journal
The science of communication
High-pressure comms and stress management

COVID-19 has made university communications even more intense. We've got advice for how to manage some of that stress.

A good reminder

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Giant jellyfish genome reveals evolution of hunting

Did you know? Jellyfish have genetic adaptations that allow them to control their bodily salt concentrations at the molecular level, allowing them to hunt throughout the water column without being affected by changing salinity levels.

Ancient predators

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