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Watch: Simple Organisms, Complex Behavior

Researchers investigated how seemingly simple micro-organisms behave in complex ways. Original footage from under the microscope brings this research to life in just two minutes.

Studying how dark matter influences galaxy shapes

"Dark matter is actually our mom who gave birth to all of us. But we have never met her."

Is a simple answer correct?

Graphene-based supercapacitor 

The rechargeable material is extremely stable with an energy density 2.7 times higher than other activated carbon materials.  

A new world record

Rewriting the rules of inheritance

A refined technique can make worms with tissues that have DNA only from one parent, rather than the usual half and half.   

Mosaic offspring

Beyond the Journal
The science of communication

Not always a press release

Don't be afraid to use a variety of tools and strategies to spread the word. 

Choices, choices

Asia Research News Magazine

Increasing gender equality in an evolving democracy

Researchers are investigating how women in Myanmar can get more involved in policymaking to ensure their voices are heard and needs are met as the nation embraces democracy.

On the ground in Myanmar

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