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Image of stellar halo

Uncovering the origins of
galaxies' halos

Dwarf galaxies and star-containing halos in a large spiral galaxy 25 million light-years away from Earth give clues about how halos form.
Image of pink-headed duck

Searching for the lost pink-headed duck

A research team is exploring the swampy wetlands of Myanmar in the first "Search for Lost Species" expedition.

Missing since 1949

Image of Smart Isotopes

Smart isotope separation system

A novel system uses a porous metal organic framework to separate and store hydrogen isotopes, a major challenge in chemistry.

Developing the quantum sieve

Image of supernova

Spotting a supernova explosion

Observing a Type Ia supernova shortly after its explosion helped researchers understand what triggered the gigantic blast.

Helium gets violent

Image of Surgeonfish

Breaking down algae with giant bacteria

Studying the bacteria in the guts of Red Sea surgeonfish that help them digest algae provides insight about the fish and potential biofuels.

The fuel story

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Image of virus

Using nanoparticles to detect deadly viruses 

A system composed of two different types of nanoparticles can be used to accurately, sensitively and quickly detect viruses, such as Ebola and a form of avian influenza.

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