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Investigating supernova explosion dynamics

New models suggest that the quantity of metals and other particles produced by an exploding white dwarf star can reveal the star's mass at the time of explosion as a Type Ia supernova. 

Artificial synapses simulate human brain

A device mimics neurons by increasing or decreasing resistance of tantalum oxide depending on signal strength.

They even have plasticity!

Revealing the natural behavior of cancer cells

A new cell culture platform allows the observation of cancer cell behaviors never seen before under the microscope. 

Micro-attachment points

Turning your skin into a speaker

A paper-thin, transparent loudspeaker and microphone attaches to skin, and detects and transmits sound signals.   

Wearable nanotech

Statistics for real world problems

A new approach to data analysis leads to faster and more accurate predictions for large-scale issues from pollution and malaria to changes in suicide rates. 

The versatile power of R-INLA

Beyond the Journal
The science of communicating research with the public

Mind your language! Crafting research press releases

When is a breakthrough not a breakthrough? We delve into the dos and don'ts of press releases.

Key words to avoid

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Seafood on the menu for bone repair

Cockleshells transformed into nanosized particles of calcium carbonate have the potential to support the growth of new bone tissue. 

Seeding bone cell growth

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