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Tinkering with roundworm proteins offers anti-aging hope

Researchers boosted the lifespan of C. elegans by altering the activity of proteins that monitor cellular energy levels. The proteins are also present in humans, offering an intriguing target for longevity studies.

Chip breaks data transmission record

An integrated photonic chip broke the spectral efficiency world record for optical data transmission. It's so fast, it could download 1,000 high-def movies in less than a second!

Ultra-fast micro-comb

Revealing voyage to marginal seas

Data collected in the Okhotsk Sea and the Bering Sea explain why the western subarctic Pacific Ocean produces so much marine life.

International collaboration

"Massless" electrons found in DVD material

Dirac electrons, which behave like they have no mass, were found in a phase-change compound used in rewritable disks. This could lead to faster electronics.

Like 3D graphene

Focus On: Disasters - Coming Soon
Thank you to everyone who has submitted their expertise forms for Focus On: Disasters. We are preparing the list now and it will be sent to journalists soon. We will continue to update the resource, so if any experts would like to be considered, please send in your form to

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