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How Asia helped capture this picture

Most have seen the stunning first image of a black hole, but do you know how research teams from Asia contributed to the international effort?  

How infants develop gut defense

How infants develop their own gut immune systems after weaning has been unclear. A protein called Sox8 appears key.   

Fighting infections

A hole in one for holographics

Researchers move a step closer to 3D images projected from smartphones or TV screens thanks to a 'photon sieve'.

No more silly glasses

Intercropping benefits in China

Models show planting soybeans and corn together would increase yields, while reducing synthetic fertilizer use and associated air pollution.  

A better mixture

Beyond the Journal
The science of communication

Effective communication requires evaluation

It is easy to wonder if all of your hard work is making a difference.  

Measuring success

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Singapore's smart hub for practical photonics

From air-conditioned clothes to cancer screening tools, the Centre for Optical Fibre Technology (COFT) is paving the way for a light-based future.

Home to Singapore's first fibre drawing tower

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