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Amateur astronomer captures extremely rare moment

The moment a supernova becomes visible in the sky was captured by an amateur astronomer testing his camera, helping researchers validate theoretical predictions about the beginning stages of stellar explosions.

CRISPR/Cas9 delivery system improved

Inserting precision gene-editing machinery into cells just got easier by using a porous nano coating.

A nontoxic cloak

Detecting blood sugar in a blink of an eye

A smart contact lens measures glucose levels from tears in the eye. The lens could provide noninvasive health monitoring for diabetics. 

Blinks, not pricks

Master manipulators of biodiversity and sweet treats

Ants manipulate aphid reproduction rates to achieve a specific mix of red and green aphids, ensuring a steady supply of the ants' favourite snack. 

65% green

Tracking ocean salinity with colour

Ocean colour could serve as a reliable proxy for salinity, opening the door to more frequent and detailed measurements from space. 


Bolstering research and democracy in Myanmar

Knowledge for Democracy Myanmar, a new CAD 10.7 million dollar partnership with Global Affairs Canada, is helping women and men of all ethnicities in Myanmar benefit from the transition to democratic development

Research informing policy

In this month's column, our resident expert offers essential tips for preparing and writing a press release.

Not a scientific abstract

From Asia Research News 2018

Parental absence in rural China 

Children without any parent at home score much lower on primary school exams than children with one or both parents, revealing a long-lasting effect of parents migrating for work.

28 million children left behind

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