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Soft footfalls reduce running injuries by 62%

Many runners agree that heel strikes are bad for you. Researchers have now clarified just how bad in the first randomized control trial on running form. They also show how novice distance runners can significantly reduce injury risk by retraining their gait. Check out the story, and then the video

Which piece is how you saw #theDress?

New algorithm simulates color appearance under chromatic illuminants to help study how we perceive color shifts differently.

White & gold, or blue & black?

Cup holder charges phones wirelessly

The 'E-cup' uses magnetic resonance technology to generate and transfer energy to devices at the same rate as wired chargers. 

Look ma, no cords!

DNA imaging made quick and easy

A diffraction technique makes DNA imaging more efficient and accessible than direct imaging with transmission electron microscopy. 

Strung out

Lining up molecules on graphene

Researchers accidentally find a simple way to align molecules on a flat graphene surface, which is critical for future electronics. 

A fluke discovery

Telling tales: how scientists can use stories

Our regular column explores the power of anecdote and analogy to explain complex research. 

Captivate your audience

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Managing early aging in childhood cancer survivors 

The quality of life of young adults who survived cancer as children could improve due to new understanding about why they age earlier than their healthy peers.

Bacteria imbalances, chronic inflammation, damaged DNA

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