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Magnetic spray transforms objects into millirobots

A glue-like magnetic spray makes objects walk, crawl or roll, controlled by a magnetic field. The material can be used inside the body to deliver drugs or guide catheters.

History of universe's temperature revealed

Researchers quantified how the temperature of the universe has changed over time, a major achievement requiring nearly 20 years of effort.

How hot is it today?

1,000 km river flowing under Greenland?

Computational models suggest that melting water originating in the deep interior of Greenland could flow the entire length of a subglacial valley and exit at Petermann Fjord, along the northern coast of the island.

Free flowing?

Mutations in COVID virus alter immune response

Our bodies could be inducing mutations in the COVID-19 virus that activate immune cells to increase the production of pro-inflammatory molecules.

Cs to Us

Voluntary standstill may have stopped virus in its tracks

Mobile phone data shows a 50% reduction in movement in the Tokyo metro area during the first stay-at-home request in the spring.

Lessons for slowing the spread?

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COVID-19 Contributions due Dec. 18

We are preparing a special feature for the 2021 magazine highlighting Asia's research and innovations throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Send us press release links about your COVID-related research by Dec. 18 for consideration.

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