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New chemical probe for imaging live brain cells

A team of researchers have developed a fluorescent marker that enables live imaging of brain immune cells, called microglia. Studying microglia separately from other brain cells is critical for understanding brain diseases, such as stroke, autism, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.  

Pluto's hidden ocean

A gassy insulating layer could be protecting an ocean from freezing beneath Pluto's icy surface.   

More oceans in outer space?

Scoliosis screening on the go

Portable 3D ultrasound system makes scoliosis screening and monitoring easy.

Scolioscan Air

Overcoming obstacles for next generation nano-laser

Researchers develop a polariton nano-laser that operates at room temperatures and 1/10th the power of existing nano-lasers.  

Quantum well design

Beyond the Journal
The science of communication

Pitching protocols

How, when and why to pitch to individual reporters.  

Exclusives vs Early Tip Offs

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Big data pinpoints new targets for HIV vaccines

Computational models reveal possible weak spots in the HIV surface protein, identifying new targets for drug and vaccine design.

Opening the envelope

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