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Hiram Aldarondo

Farewell Message from the Chair

This will be my last message as Chair. I will be stepping down effective this coming December.  My six years serving as Chair of the Spanish and Portuguese Department have been challenging and rewarding, but always enjoyable. I believe the faculty and staff are the best of any department at Temple University. I have considered it an honor and privilege to have provided leadership for the faculty, staff and students in our programs.  As you may know, I am currently transitioning into a new role as Associate Dean for Academic Initiatives at the College of Liberal Arts.  I am looking forward to the opportunity to grow professionally in my new role at an institution whose mission I am very committed to.

Professor Montserrat Piera has been appointed Chair.  Professor Piera is a superb choice for this role.  She has been director of our undergraduate and graduate programs, and she has a deep and sincere passion for our department.  I am confident she will be an extraordinary Chair.  
Thank you for your involvement, support, and patience during my time as Chair, and please stay connected with the Department and let us know about changes that occur in your life. Your support is vital to the continuing success of the Department.  
Hasta pronto,
Hiram Aldarondo
PS: Since the present issue is long, please make sure you click “View entire message” at the bottom of this email.
Upcoming Events
Film Screening

La noche de 12 años (A Twelve Year Night)

All are welcome, the film will have English subtitles.

Wednesday, October 30 at 3:00pm
107 Anderson Hall

Film Screening

O ano em que meus pais saíram de férias (The Year my Parents went on Vacation)

All are welcome, the film will have English subtitles.

Wednesday, November 6 at 3:00pm
107 Anderson Hall
Dean Bárbara Simões Daibert, 
Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora

Abolitionism and Afro-Brazilian Writing: Racial Issues in the Land of Caipirinha 

Friday, November 8 at 4:00pm
422 Anderson Hall
Film Screening

Celda 211 (Cell 211)

All are welcome, the film will have English subtitles.

Wednesday, November 13 at 3:00pm
107 Anderson Hall
Announcement of Doctoral Defense: Brendan Spinelli

El comportamiento lingüístico conservador de la comunidad mexicana
en Filadelfia, Pensilvania: Un estudio sociolingüístico de inmigrantes mexicanos procedentes de tierras altas y tierras bajas.

Thursday, November 21 at 10:00am
1221 Anderson Hall
Student News

Graduate student Daniel Raso-Llarás spent a month in Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, and São Paulo, as part of the Global Studies Grant that he received in the previous academic year. In those places, he did archival research on authors such as Juan José Saer and Clarice Lispector, gave a talk to Portuguese students at the UNESP campus in Araraquara, received bossa nova lessons, hiked in Tijuca, and established valuable ties with fellow researchers.
This connection led to the proposal of a panel, alongside fellow graduate student Will Ryan, to the LASA conference in Boston, and it will likely continue in Guadalajara next year. Over the summer, he also attended another conference at the university of Royal Holloway in London. Additionally, he obtained a CHAT Fellowship for Advanced Graduate Studies for this academic year, thanks to which he is able to share his dissertation progress with professors and CHAT fellows alike from a transdisciplinary perspective.
This past May graduate student and adjunct assistant professor Francis Turco presented a paper, "The Go-Between of a Thousand Faces: Performance and Theatrical Resources Used in La Celestina (1499) by Fernando de Rojas" at the 54th International Congress on Medieval Studies at Western Michigan University. In July of 2019 his thesis proposal, Lo maravilloso y lo fantástico a través del tiempo y del espacio: la Muerte, el diablo y el más allá en textos medievales y latinoamericanos de los siglos XIX y XX, was accepted. This past summer he also participated in the class "Manuscript Skills: Working with pre-1600 Manuscripts" at the University of Pennsylvania. 
Graduate student and adjunct assistant instructor William Ryan presented his paper, “(Auto)immunizing Liberalism: Law and the Figure of the Individual in the essays of María Zambrano and Ramón Doll in the early 1930s” at the Latin American Studies Association (LASA) 2019 Conference in Boston. He also worked as a program assistant during the Temple in Spain, Oviedo Summer Session. Pictured in the photo with William are various Temple graduate students, including Lina Ruiz-Guzmán and Renata Pontes, who all presented papers during the LASA Conference.
A book chapter written by graduate student Alodia Martin-Martinez is going to be published in the forthcoming book Crises and Death in the Hispanic World. The book chapter is entitled "Visiones iconográficas de la muerte en Jardín umbrío de Valle-Inclán" and it explores the classical, medieval and Christian background that is manifest in this compilation of short stories written by the Spanish author Ramón María del Valle-Inclán.
Graduate student Carmen De Leon had her dissertation proposal approved in April 2019. She also shared her paper at the 54th International Congress of Medieval Studies this year, a very important conference in her field. This month she also presented her research at the Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association Seventy-third annual convention.
Undergraduate chemistry major Chris Callas studied abroad in Oviedo, Spain in the Spring of 2018. He credits studying abroad as one of the best experiences of his life. His experiences abroad helped him to become nearly fluent in Spanish and helped him learn much more about the world. Following Oviedo, on the first day of classes back at Temple, he ended up meeting and becoming really good friends with a girl from Gijon, the city next to Oviedo in Spain. Because they were able to speak Spanish together, he was able to help her get used to living in the US and talk about their similar experiences in Oviedo. Chris very much looks forward to returning to Spain someday.
This past spring, graduate student and TA/RA Mariana Hernandez y Rojas participated in an AL DIA podcast. Since April 2019, AL DÍA Podcasts has been airing  a new series that feature the works of classic Latin American authors. Literatura Oral “Literature to Listen to” consists of thirty-minute episodes where the books and pieces of literature are discussed in an opinion-based conversation. The first episode was a discussion about about Juan Rulfo between Mariana and the host Hernán Guaracao.

Mariana also had a review on Guadalupe Rosales: Legends Never Die, A Collective Memory by Exposición en Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery de Haverford College published in Chiricú Journal: Latina/o Literatures, Arts, and Cultures, Volume 3, Number 2, Spring 2019, pp. 159-163. Guadalupe Rosales is a Mexican-American artist that decided to make an archive with pictures and objects of her own group and generation from the 90's raves taking place in Southeast L.A. Last March, she had an exhibition at the Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery from Haverford College, PA.
Faculty News

Professor José Manuel Pereiro Otero presented the paper ““La conquista de los héroes: Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda, Gonzalo Suárez y Pablo Auladell ante Hernán Cortés” in the international conference Héroes: de Numancia a la cultura popular (Soria, Spain, June 2019).

Professor Montserrat Piera recently had her book Women Readers and Writers in Medieval Iberia: Spinning the Text (Leiden: Brill, 2019) published. Additionally, her book Forging Communities: Food and Representation in Medieval and Early Modern Southwestern Europe (University of Arkansas Press, 2018) was awarded a prize as the Best 2018 Edited Collection on Food Studies from the Association for the Study of Food and Society (ASFS).

In June, Associate Professor Adam Joseph Shellhorse was delighted to take part in the Summer Educators’ Trip, sponsored by The Confucius Institute Headquarters of China and the Confucius Institute at Temple University.  Highlights included meeting new colleagues from Temple and Temple’s partner, Zhejiang Normal University, and learning about the Chinese academy, classical culture, calligraphy, and the education system.
Adam spent the rest of the summer researching in Brazil and at home for his new book project. While in Brazil, he delivered two invited lectures at Casa das Rosas – Espaço Haroldo de Campos de Poesia e Literatura and at Federal University Juiz de Fora. He was also invited to teach a two-day introductory course on Latin American Literature at Federal University Juiz de Fora­­, another Temple partner, for its Global July program.
In May, Shellhorse organized a panel and delivered a talk at LASA at the XXXVII International Congress of the Latin American Studies Association in Boston in May, entitled “For a Future After / Anti- ‘Literature’: Experimentation, Affect, Event, and Boundary”.
Janire Zalbidea, Assistant Professor of Spanish Linguistics, is the director of the new Multilingualism & Second Language Acquisition Lab at the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at Temple University. The lab is dedicated to research on applied linguistics with a primary focus on second language acquisition and learner individual differences in multiple contexts (e.g., study abroad, classroom). If you are a graduate or undergraduate student who is interested in linguistics and would like to gain hands-on research experience under the mentorship of Prof. Zalbidea, please contact her directly at
Associate Professor of Spanish- Instructional Patricia Moore-Martinez and Instructor of Spanish Joshua M. Pongan received a grant from Temple's Fox School of Business to participate in the research project entitled, Sharpening the Competitive Edge: The Development of a Proficiency-based Business Language Program. The primary sponsor of the grant is the U.S. Department of Education 2018/2019 CIBER International Business Research Award program. Patricia and Joshua presented their research findings at  the XVIII Congreso de Asociación Europea de Lenguas para Fines Específicos en Pamplona, Spain in June, 2019.
Instructor of Spanish Joshua Pongan and graduate student and adjunct assistant instructor Brendan Spinelli, board members of the non-profit Doctors of the Americas, traveled to El Salvador to support a medical relief trip that took place in August. During this trip they worked at medical clinics in different regions around the country, interpreted during medical trainings, and supported interactions between the organization and local healthcare providers. See Brendan pictured while interpreting during a continuing education session on the use of AEDs. 
On October 1, Instructor of Spanish and Latin American Studies Ron Webb was acknowledged at the Temple University Men's Soccer MVP game located at the Temple Sports Complex. Both Ron and several other faculty members were honored by the team as MVPs (Most Valuable Professors).

Associate Professor of Spanish- Instructional Norma Corrales-Martin recently published the article “Estudio de refranes desde el marco referencial de la cultura popular” (Study of Sayings from the Referential Frame of Popular Culture), read at the prestigious XIX Congreso de la Asociación Internacional de Hispanistas, AIH (XIX Conference of the International Association of Hispanists) in Münster, Germany, July, 2016 and was published in the Selected Proceedings.
Her poems, Balada de María Florez, Mujer Anfibia Triétnica, He perdido mi duermevela and Ygdrasil were published in a Special Issue of the Hispanic Journal: Modern Latin American Poetry. V. 39, no. 2, pages 209-211. Additionally, Norma was re-elected Treasurer of TAUP (Temple Association of University Professionals) for the period 2019-2021 and was was selected to participate in the General Education Program Oral Communication Study carried out from October 2018 to March 2019. She also organized and read poems at the XIII International Poetry Festival, Word in the World, in collaboration with the Free Library of Philadelphia and Accion Colombia.
Adjunct assistant instructor Julia Chindemi Vila recently co-authored the following publication: Gras-Velázquez, Adrián, Julia Chindemi-Vila, and Ah-Young Song. 2019 “¿Y tú quién eres? Interviews as Project-Based Learning at a Multicultural  College Community.” Pp. 217-235 in Project Based Learning in Second Language Acquisition: Building Communities of Practice in Higher Education, edited by Adrián Gras-Velázquez. New York: Routledge. 

The case study acknowledges the sociocultural dimension of literacy and the diversity of Hispanic cultures present at a college campus in the Northeastern United States. Most previous case studies have centered on students with high-level proficiency rather than novice learners, but in this article, the authors demonstrate that many of the benefits of PBL can be successfully implemented and adapted for beginning learners.
Alumni News
Angel M. Díaz-Dávalos, Ph.D in Spanish (CLA '19) is currently a Lecturer at Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA, where he teaches courses on all levels of Spanish and Spanish for the Professions, co-advises the Spanish Club, is affiliated faculty of the School of Continuing Education (evening adult courses), and actively co-organizes academic events, including Study Abroad sessions and educational trips for students from underrepresented populations. Last May he presented a paper and was invited as a discussant at the Latin American Studies Association conference in Boston, MA. He spent his summer traveling throughout Western/Central Europe, Mexico, and across the US, as well as researching for upcoming congresses. His article “Violencia ‘huérfana’ de soberanía”, a reading of drug trafficking narratives, will be published by Revista de Literatura Mexicana Contemporánea this Fall.
Last year Spanish major Maddy Mrugal (CLA '16) began working as a certified English teacher for a company called VIPKid. In her job she works online, teaching one-on-one classes to young students from China. She has been able to travel across Europe and North America working for VIPKid, spending an incredible year in Barcelona from 2018-2019. Maddy enjoys travelling the world speaking Spanish, and credits her skills to participating in Temple's semester in Oviedo, Spain program. During the program she went to Barcelona and spent three months working at a hostel as well as working as an au pair for a Catalan family. Upon her return she pursued her English teaching certification (TESOL) which helped her land her current role.
Following graduation, Spanish major Caonabo Almonte (CLA '18) spent a year teaching in a school for children with disabilities. He then applied for the BEDA program through Universidad Pontificia Comillas in Madrid. This is a program that places English teachers in private schools throughout Spain. He was placed in a colegio in Mieres, Asturias. He currently lives in Oviedo and hopes to remain there for the next few years. Some of his his favorite memories of participating in the Spring 2017 Temple Spain study abroad program included tours of Madrid, Toledo, Segovia, El Escorial, and the long-term homes in Oviedo, Asturias. In Oviedo he lived with a host mother who took him in like a son. In her home he learned first-hand about Asturian cuisine including his favorite dishes Fabada and Cachopo.
While studying at Temple, Spanish major Jon Dowding (KCMC '19) acted as a bilingual reporter for Temple Update and Lo Último on TUTV at Temple, participated in the Oviedo program, and also did bilingual reporting at the 2019 State of the Union in Washington, DC and the 2018 Election Night Coverage. Following graduation, he really wanted to go somewhere that had a Latino viewing audience so he could continue to do bilingual reporting. He now works as a Digital Reporter at WSAV-TV in Savannah, Georgia. He spearheaded WSAV Ahora, which is comprised of regular stories as well as news briefs in Spanish. He is also working on Hispanic Heritage Month stories at the station because of the connection he is developing with the Hispanic community in Savannah.
Anales de la Literatura Española Contemporánea (ALEC) is finishing volume 44 (2019). The journal is currently working on this volume’s final issue, the yearly Anuario Valle-Inclán, and preparing the first issue of volume 45 (2020). Mariana Hernández y Rojas remains as assistant to the General Editor.

The journal’s related blog has surpassed 157,000 views as of late September. Countries with most visits have been United States, Spain, Mexico, France, Germany, Russia, Argentina, Colombia, and Brazil. An updated visual rendering of the countries around the world who have visited the blog’s according to Google Analytics is pictured below.
Study Abroad Opportunities
2020 Temple in Spain: Oviedo Summer Session

Temple's summer session in Spain program is based at the University of Oviedo in the province of Asturias, one of the most culturally significant regions in Spain. The program is comprised of coursework in Spanish language, literature, cultural studies and eating cultures (Human Behavior GenEd) and students have an opportunity to enroll in 6 or 7 credits. Follow student blogger Ali Tintera as she chronicles her experience abroad.

Application Deadline: February 15 
Apply Now
Student Resources
Spanish Club

The Spanish Club elected its officers for the 2019-2020 school year. Our officials are: Cindy Nguyen, President; Alexa Jones, VP; Lee Mai, Secretary; and Natalie Quintana, PR. They participated in TempleFest on September 22, 2019, and in CLA’s Student Organizations Fair on the 23. Their meetings are on Tuesdays in 406 Anderson at 5pm. All levels are welcome. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram!
Portuguese Club 

Led by graduate student Daniel Raso, Portuguese Club will be meeting on Tuesdays from 4:00-5:25pm in 622 Anderson on a biweekly basis. For more information, email Daniel at
Writing Center Services for Students of Spanish & Portuguese

201 Tuttleman Learning Center

Contact: 215-204-0702 or

Hours: M–TH: 8:30am - 8:30pm
F 8:30am - 4:30pm
SA 10:00am - 4:00pm
Appointments are 50 minutes and walk-in sessions are 20-25 minutes. Times for Spanish & Portuguese services may vary based on staff availability. Find available times by visiting our online scheduler and selecting “Spanish” or “Portuguese.” 

Writing Tutoring in Spanish: Help with Writing
Writing tutoring provides assistance on college writing assignments for Spanish courses. Meet one-on-one with a tutor to review your drafts; to build vocabulary; and to improve clarity, sentence structure, and grammar in your draft.

Conversation Partners in Spanish and Portuguese: Help with Speaking and Listening
Open to students in 1000 and 2000-level courses only, Conversation Partners provides opportunities for Spanish and Portuguese language learners to practice speaking and listening. Meet one-on-one with a Conversation Partner to practice conversation, build vocabulary, review grammar, practice oral presentations, and more. 
Schedule an Appointment
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