Issue 1 •  September 16, 2015
As some of you know, I’ve lived on Manhattan’s Upper West Side for twenty-five years, and this is where I chose to set my first mystery, SILENT CITY. In some ways, my detective, Claire Codella, is a typical Upper West Sider. Her apartment (which she can’t afford to renovate) is located on the corner of a block on Broadway. Like so many of us self-proclaimed New Yorkers, she came here from somewhere else (in her case, the little state of Rhode Island). 
And she does what most of us do up here: shops for bread and bagels at Zabar’s; buys seafood at Citarella; fights the crowds in the produce aisle at the Fairway Market. And like me, her favorite neighborhood café is Edgar’s, named after Edgar Allan Poe.

But Claire Codella is not your typical NYPD detective. The book opens on her first day back on the job after months of grueling cancer treatment. Having accompanied my own partner through an ordeal with cancer, I wanted to show how people all around us confront devastating crises and how difficult it is for them to rebuild their lives and relationships.
I also wanted to reflect the rich diversity found in New York City. I’ve attended gay pride marches in New York since 1979—long enough to remember when the contingent of out-of-the-closet NYPD marchers was very, very small. That contingent has multiplied, and cops’ attitudes have changed a lot—just look at the viral video of “hot-cop” Brendan James dirty dancing with a gay pride marcher in the 2015 parade. But let’s face it, being a gay cop still has plenty of challenges, and in the opening chapter of SILENT CITY, readers meet Eduardo Muñoz, a gay rookie detective assigned to work the homicide with Claire Codella. While Codella fights to prove she’s still relevant after cancer, Muñoz fights a very different foe in the form of unsympathetic colleagues who make his transition to his precinct difficult.
And finally, as a parent and as someone who has worked in the education field for a long time, I couldn’t resist a plot that shines a light on the challenges of public school education in the city.

Happy September to all, and remember, SILENT CITY will be in bookstores on October 13th, but you can pre-order it online now—hardcover, softcover, ebook, or audio!

Or…if you would like a signed copy, order from (they ship) or if you’re in the area, you can come to the book launch on October 13th!

And if you can’t wait that long to get started, read Chapter One right away at and check out the starred review from Booklist!
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