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Darkness or Light? Sustainability in a New Year
Here in the early days of 2017, we’re at a period of transition, marked by the stark change in leadership in the U.S. and a corresponding shift in political ideologies around sustainability and the environment. From the news lately, it’s easy to feel as though we’re entering a new dark age, where progress made over the last decade will be lost for good.

But here at Blue Practice, we believe that there are still very good days ahead. Here are a few reasons why:

  • There’s still every indication that companies large and small will continue their efforts around sustainability, because the economics are still there - most specifically in solar and wind power, which is presently cheaper than traditional sources of energy. Sustainable practices and clean energy make good business sense. 
  • We also have the unavoidable effects of global warming, and the pledges by hundreds of global corporations to continue prioritizing climate change strategies, despite the shifting winds of politics. Being closely tied to value chains linking across the world, they know how precarious the situation is and how important managing risk or building resiliency is to ensuring prosperity. Smart businesses will continue planning for the future. 
  • Most of all, we understand the power of communications and transparency and the accountability companies - and government - have to the people. An increasingly connected world is also one where the people have a stronger voice and pressure to encourage right action. Businesses that authentically communicate their commitments will be rewarded this year and beyond. 
With strong market drivers, an understanding of the business risks to inaction and the power of communications to help advocate for positive change, we believe 2017 will be a strong year for sustainable business, and we welcome the future ahead.
Keeping Blue Weird: New Chapter in Portland!
Blue Practice has gone North! We are excited to be growing our agency by opening a presence in Portland, OR - a city that welcomes positive change, encourages innovation, and unites a rich community of purpose. We'll be sharing more on our adventure in the Pacific Northwest soon. Stay tuned, and stay weird, folks!
International News & Events
A big congratulations goes out to William McDonough for his recognition by the World Economic Forum in Davos this week. McDonough received the Fortune Award for Circular Economy Leadership. The Circulars committee singled out his lifetime of visionary work, furthering innovation in design, both in theory and in practice. Also at the WEF Annual Meeting this year, McDonough's iconic ICEhouse™ has returned for the second year in a row. The ICEhouse is an innovative example of endless reuse of materials and a durable, easy to build shelter for those in need.
Image Credit: Nick Maxted
On behalf of our new partner Toniic, the global impact investing network, we are proud to support a new report highlighting trends in aligning capital with causes. We debuted the T100:Launch report at the Global Impact Investing Network’s Investor Forum in Amsterdam, where in a press conference with attending media we were able to showcase a rise in investors realizing both social and environmental purpose, and strong capital returns on their investments. The impact investing space is heating up, and we're proud to be aligning with those realizing the power of investing to catalyze positive change.  
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