March 30th 2016
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NOTES  -  Mornington Harbour Mooring Permit Holders Meeting , 6th April 2016
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Notes from the Mooring Holders Meeting, 6 April 2016

Present: Rob Warden, Bob Barr, Daryl Gavin, David Eickmeyer, Ewen Ross, Lisa and Tim O’Grady, Alan Clark, Greg Sharman, Chris Jackson, Stuart Gooley, Annie and Jon Storm, Rob Spicer, Austin Richardson, Kellie Knowles, Graham Thomas, John Wemyss, Chataigne Ginger Coulter, Alan Jones, Geoff Hancock, Noel Heyes, Warren Neate, Pete De Lange, Emma Gavin, Tim Melville, Jamie Robertson, Ian Bond, Lucas Otto, Richard Nichols, John Underwood, Chris Jackson, Steve Young, Bill McDonald, Bret Levenspiel, Graeme Alexander, Sheryl Schumacher, Bruce Dales, Terry Clough, Alison Clough, Karin Bradbury – PV, Leigh hart – PV Grant Hailes, Ronald Gelsheimer,  Chris Biggins, Andrew Weber, Jim Watson, Graeme Vertigan, Tania Vertigan, Stephen Bolton, Greg Martin, Neville Esler, Tony Stephens, Tony Grundy, Bryn Maddern Wellington, Barry Mills, Brigitte Swallow, Jane Storey, Ed Degabriele, Greg Sharman, Amanda Ross, Kellie Knowles
  1. Welcome – Graeme Alexander welcomed all Mooring Holders, interested MYC members and non-members, Leigh Hart and Karin Bradbury from Parks Victoria and the MYC Committee. 
  2. He acknowledged the Mooring letter sent last month was not handled well and apologised to all and asked this open forum be the commencement of a new process and work with all to what is the best outcome for Mornington Harbour. Tim O’Grady and Jonathon Storm asked for confirmation that the letter was off the table and answer was yes. 
  3. Power Point presentation – Rod Austin presented and a copy of the presentation is attached.  Spoke how it was an open forum and that whilst no decisions were to me made on the night all points raided to night were important to come to the right decision. 
  4. Trevor Neate - Based on his 20 years of looking after the harbour on behalf of MYC and PV Trevor spoke and let all know that he supported the MYC Committee in terms of making changes on how the harbour is managed but was not in support of the initial letter.  He spoke of the difficulties and complications to control the moorings and dealing with the different individual and different boats. An example used was the fore aft moorings were originally built for the Dragon class and now larger boats with wider beams were now there. 
  5. Q&A 
Bruce Dales – Spoke on his experiences and difficulties when dealing with different tackle with neighbouring boats
Q. David Beeson – What difference would it make to manage the harbour if MYC was to proceed as to what was proposed in the letter? 
A.  Rod Austin explained that it was hoped the presentation would have explained all this.
Q. David Beeson - MYC have tried to change how it was managed in the past and had not worked, why would it work this time? 
A. Graeme Alexander - It was years ago and the MYC on this occasion is trying to get better control
Q. Ewen Ross – If non-compliant moorings get $5000 what do compliant moorings receive?
A. Rod Austin – Non Compliant moorings receive nil, the $5000 suggested was for compliant moorings.
Q. Ewen Ross – Should the MYC not concentrate on making all moorings compliant and how many moorings are non-compliant?
A. Rod Austin – Yes and are dealing with approx. 5 non-compliant moorings.
In February there were 15 non-compliant at the time.
Q. Jane Storey – Her agreement was with Parks Victoria and questioned as to how MYC could manage her mooring tackle and was not happy if they did.
A. Rod – Explained each permit with each Licence holder is a 12 Mth permit only. MYC are the agents for Parks Victoria and so any changes to the management agreement does need approval from Parks Victoria.
Grant Hailes – Expects to get some form of financial compensation for the existing tackle.  There was a show of support.
Grant Hailes – Boat owners are again being penalised and thought any remuneration the MYC needs to service this harbour should be compensated by the MYC as a whole.
Grant Hailes – Suggested that more planning required and to before the start of the following year.
Q. Grant Hailes – What is the process moving forward?
A. Rod Austin – Committee would analyse what has been discussed tonight and the process now would be transparent.
A. Chris Jackson – Asked also for written input and thanks all those that had already provided this in the past few weeks.
Q. Why not vote to establish a working party tonight?
A. Rod – No need to vote as it was a clear this was the general consensus at the meeting.
Tim O’Grady – Introduced himself as the person that had spoken recently to all and his reasons for starting a petition. It was thought to be respectful and good old fashioned way of getting the point across that the letter was not well received.
Suggested there were other methods of trying to achieve the MYCs objectives and better process needed to come to the right model for the harbour.
Q.  Ian Bond - Is there a long term master plan for the harbour? 
A. Rod Austin In terms of  MYC Master plan for the  harbour it is to better manage the moorings in terms of high  yield and active boats.
A. Chris Jackson In terms of plans and after the money spent on the safe harbour he explained he felt the MYC for the first time in a long time was in a better position than it has been with the new 21 year lease allowed for the MYC to start considering new developments and infrastructure.  All what was proposed by MYC was a not a money grab but addressing an issue that needs to be addressed. The delivery may have ben wrong at the beginning but to take it forward now the MYC needed positive input.
Q. Alan Clarke – Bewildered why moorings non-compliant as all mooring holders should comply with Parks Victoria terms.
Does not want MYC after his mooring other than Greg Fink.
  1. Graeme Alexander – Majority are doing the right thing but there is a minority that are not.  The self interest in the harbour has crept in by some and affecting the whole interest of the harbour.
  1. Rod “Use it or lose it” was a way of expressing what MYC’s objective was.
Q. Chris Biggins – Spoke of good and bad contractors.
A. Rod Austin – The individual’s choice of contractors was not changing
Q. Ewen Ross – Could not get his head around support in the MYC in this regards.
Could the MYC guarantee of providing good service for $1700
A. Rod Austin – It is in the best interest of the MYC to make it work and satisfy boat owners. 

Stuart Gooley introduced himself as a long term member, on the finance but not general committee. Expressed his concerns with the letter but when considering and separating his own interests from the MYC interests understood the MYCs objectives in this instance and he was satisfied as he still could keep his spot.
He was appalled by the low numbers sailing in Div. 2 fleets currently and could see the MYC must do something to increasing sailing fleet’s numbers.
The financial model proposed tonight could work as
Q. Ewen Ross – Asked about renting?
A. Rod Austin/Karin Bradbury PV - No sub leasing was permitted under the current permit.
Q. Tony Stephens – Have other MYCs managed the same way as what MYC is proposing.
A. Rod Austin – Yes Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron, Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron and Sorrento Sailing couta boat MYC all have some moorings being operated in this way.
He noted that at Royal Melbourne yacht the Squadron that the 115 Swing Moorings had now been non-transferable for over 6 years now.
Q. Piet Vermeer – Charge proposed was too high and concern about future year increases.  Felt uncomfortable with the future.
A. Rod Austin – Whether MYC or Parks Victoria the prices were uncertain.
Q. Jamie Robertson – In terms of new boat owners what would they need to pay?
A. Rod Austin – The new boat owners would pay the same as all but not have the issue of what the current permit holders have to contend with in terms of tackle already in place.
Graeme Alexander reiterated the objectives are in getting more people to the MYC and to Mornington. A mechanism of making it easier for boat owners and to make the harbour inclusive not exclusive. The proposal by MYC is all about bringing more keelboats to Mornington Harbour.
Q. Tim Melville – Introduced himself as a previous mooring contractor that used to manage the harbour with Rob Spicer.  Tim explained he has difficulty understanding why the process of matching moorings for sale with those on the waiting list?
A. Rod Austin – Attempting to but sale prices have escalated and not being regulated nor boat owners advising the MYC their mooring is for sale.
Tim Melville – Suggested the MYC develop a swing mooring committee to manage as he also understood the difficulties involved. I.e. Complex harbour, tackle problems, the difficult of different size moorings adjacent to one another and that the AB row was “messy”.
The thought also there could be other possibilities of how the management of the harbour could be addressed better and explore also increasing the number of rows and to fit more boats within the harbour.
Tim demonstrated how his ground and up tackle on his mooring worked.
Q. Tony Stephens – If MYC cannot afford to buy all the moorings at the one time how is the MYC expected to replace if a major disaster happens?
A. Rod Austin – Insurance
A. Stuart Gooley – On one of the new proposals, the onus would still be the same as it is today and that the mooring permit holder would pay for the maintenance.
Graeme Alexander thanked all for the input thus far and MYC intends to work through all the issues and make it fairer for all. He asked the night be wrapped up
Greg Martin - Introduced himself as an immediate past commodore. After listening to the comments on the night he was concerned all the good work the committee was doing they should not be kicked for raising this matter.  He advised all that the mooring issue matter was not new and first raised with Parks Victoria prior to the new pier.  And at this time a new mooring configuration in the harbour was discussed Greg supported the MYC’s plan for acquiring moorings  
John Wemyss – Also reiterated the sentiments of Greg that he understood the committee were doing everything with best intentions of the harbour in mind but now due to his change in circumstanceshe is selling his mooring but would not for $5000.
Q. Jonathon Storm – Wondered what happens for next year?
A. Rod Austin – Business as usual and no changes until outcomes finalised.
Q. Lucas Otto – More consultation required as to what the actual cost of tackle is?
A. Rod Austin - In terms of the mooring as a capital investment. It is not a capital investment it is a right to store your boat for 12 months. Rod quoted Greg Finks mooring prices which caused some conjecture.
He also mentioned that bywhat was proposed MYC was still agreeing those that have a boat to continue using the mooring. cate standard to be granted the permit.
Graeme Alexander thanked all for coming and agreed tonight was constructive and a productive meeting.
More consultative work required, 

Thank you everyone and if you have any changes to the above please do not hesitate contacting us. 

Notes by Sarah and Rod
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