December 8th 2015 
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        e Telltale #9
Well done to Jacinta and Kate for wins in the Trophy Race on Sunday And the fun seen in pic below to be had jumping off Beluga when the wind died out.
For the others it was a big weekend at Sail Melbourne with racing over 4 days in everything from 3 to 43 knots. Yes, read between the lines some parent’s thoughts  shared over Fridays adventure. A few girls caught gastro together after the VOIDA girls camp which took them out of the early racing. Well done to Lily, Zac and James on making Gold Fleet. Will (51) and Lachie (54) learnt the hard way about Gold Fleet cut off, being in equal points with 50th, that is 50 to 54 were all on 149 points, but the boys were out on count back! Gold fleet was limited to only 50 with some of the best Opti Sailors in the country, and a few from New Zealand there. Well done to all, a huge learning experience. Please see attached Mel’s feedback, plus HOMEWORK for Sunday. Mel has asked those at Sail Melbourne to write down in their books the 3 things they would like to improve on. Wouldn’t hurt anyone else doing training in the afternoon to do the same. Mel has also written on starting tactics. Be prepared for some questions Sunday too!
This Friday evening I can’t make it, but Jacko has again kindly agreed to get things going. Please give us an idea who is coming.
Sunday racing is aggregate and club champs together. As its Xmas feel welcome to dress up boats. We are planning a BBQ lunch before training in the afternoon. BYO meat please for a BBQ at the Club. Bring a savoury or sweet something to share. First in best dressed to Kellie to co-ordinate e.g. Bread, salad, sauce, sweets etc
Then there is more great coaching from Mel, Sunday afternoon after the BBQ.
Now I’m not going to promise a Telltale next week. So Happy Christmas to all. No, before anyone asks there will be no Friday Fun next week, or the following, or indeed the one after that as most will be away. Best of sailing to those off to Nationals, or more exciting travels. Remember to look out for GT on Wild Oats on Boxing Day. There is a Trophy Race on January 10th for those not at Nationals. The following week we will get back to normal.
Looking forward to more fun in the New Year.
Attached also are the details of the 70th Anniversary Celebration planned for next March. It would be great to have a large Opti/Youth parent turnout. Sounds like fun, and the price goes up soon!
See you at the club, Andrew Weber
Mels' Coaches Corner
Hi Team,
I would like to start out by congratulating everyone who sailed at the ISAF world cup it was a challenging week of conditions, repeated day after day sailing and with a great fleet there in the Opti’s a good mental challenge. I see that we had some great results in the 420’s with Nick and James getting on the podium, well done boys, and I am sure plenty of learning for our other 420 sailors which is great in the lead up to nationals, hopefully some of the major things have been reinforced and that you’re feeling more ready and fired up for nationals in the next few weeks. Over in Opti-land we had a lot of fun with some of the best sailors coming over for the event with teams from NSW, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania coming to do battle as well as the great opportunity to meet a few Kiwis who were also there. After talking to our sailors we have learnt a lot from the experiences of this week. It is now clear that we must keep our boats flat to enable us to go fast, that we have to be on the line, not just front row and it is crucial to be towards the favoured end. It was great to see moments where each sailor from the club at least attempted to do things that we have been practicing at home, even if we weren’t always able to pull them off yet, we are certainly starting to think more about what we’re doing. I feel that on my side of the fence the regatta was fantastic for the team, I was able to see that our boat speed when a sailor is just trying to go fast, for the most part is up to speed, our boat handling could be improved as I suspected but that is a change for post-Christmas, tactics and strategy where I started is the biggest gain for us at the moment and we will continue with this emphasis in the morning racing, with boat handling coming into the afternoons. If you have a sailor in green fleet, please do not stress, for your child to hear these thoughts and processes in briefings is good for them and will make the change to intermediate and certainly open fleet easier in the long run, but on the water their focus will continue to be tell tails and I would like to add in sail set up and encouraging all sailors of all levels and ages at our club to be in charge of their own rigging.
Wow that was long winded, hopefully those of you who weren’t at St Kilda might like to join us next year but that you have gained some insight into what happened and where we are going from here.
For those sailors who attended the event in any form, perhaps just watched some racing, I would like you to write down in your note books your top 3 PROCESS goals for the lead up to states. Process goals are things that you can improve on such as tacking, top third tactics, boat handling on the start line etc. this does NOT mean results!!! Results will come as you improve the processes. 
Team MYC Tactic Sheets - Start Lines
Things to avoid on an optimist start line:
  • Don’t hit people, optimist start lines are almost always crowded places, people are doing things and getting away with things they wouldn’t in other parts of the course. This means you need to be super aware of what the people around you are doing, that is the people either side of you, the people who might come down from in front of your bow and people sailing behind you. If you think someone is likely to make contact with you then you need to yell out to them to ‘Keep Clear’ or ‘Don’t go in there’ before they make contact with you or your boat.
  • Avoid being in a pack on the start line. When you are thinking about the right place to start, obviously be at the correct end, but try to keep away from packs. Packs of boats often include people who are less comfortable in racing and who are more likely to cause you trouble, but also wind bounces around the edges of packs so being in a pack off the start line is an immediate wind disadvantage.
  • Don’t let boats sail over you, in front of you. If someone can do this, especially within 1min to go, that means you’re not on the line and most likely not on the front row. If someone does sail in front of you, pull on a bit and move forward a little.
  • As the wind builds it becomes more and more important to sit on the line with your bow down slightly so that you don’t get stuck in ions and you are able to pull on and move forward when you want to do so. In 20+knts this is crucial, especially when waves are pushing you backwards and your steering can be reversed, in this case it helps to be moving slightly forwards to not only hold your position but enable forwards steering.
  • Avoid line sag* at go! This means that having a line transit and a transit two boat lengths back from the boat end is vital, without them how will you know how far away you are from the line? Sitting in the line sag in the last 2 minutes of the count- down is completely fine, if you play it right then it can be an absolute winner for you, but you must know how far back you are from the line and you must pull on earlier than normal so that at go you are on the line.
Things to consider pre start:
  • Is the wind shifting? Is it oscillating*? Is it clocking*? Is it stable?
  • Is wind across the course even? Or is it gusty? Which side are the gusts coming down? Are the gusts patchy but all over the course?
  • Course- is the top mark straight up wind? Is it on one side or the other? Is the start line even? Is one end biased?
  • Does the line bias match the top mark position? For instance, if the top mark is skewed right and the pin end is biased plus the wind is coming across the left side of the course first, that means you want to start at the pin, but that you are going to spend more time on port because of where the top mark is but you also want to be on the left of the fleet to gain first use of the wind this was the case at sail Melbourne.
 AT GO: On the line
  1. On time
  2. With Speed
  3. Gap below
  4. Bow even*
From this section above, can you see how we start to develop a plan of where we want to start and the first thing or two we want to do off the start line? Can we see how what you want to do; you should not be influenced by the boats around you? That you should be focused on your own boat speed and executing what you want to do?
I am going to leave it there for this week I think that is more than enough information for you to take in. it would be good if those sailors who are going to nationals could talk this through with their parents or siblings using boast or anything to discuss what influences in the course area can influence where they’re going to start and just after the start. Please write down ANY questions you have, even if you think it is a silly question, remember this is about learning and thinking about our sailing, all questions are good questions and they show that you are thinking about what you’re doing.
Oscillating- the wind shifts back and forth in a predictable manner between two points.
Clocking- the wind is shifting in one direction progressively further.
Line sag- when boats are lined up on the start line often the line of boats looks more like a boomerang than a straight line of boats, avoid being in the middle of the boomerang.
Bow even- this means that your bow should be a little forward of the person on the starboard side, not that your bow is in line with the bow on your starboard side, if that is the case then you are in the second row. 
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