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Savanah 3rd Grade

Her favorite subjects are Bible and Math. She has become a incredible reader and has started reading chapter books. 

Sahara 1/2 way through 1st Grade

Her favorite subjects are Bible and Science. This summer we got over the hump of learning to read. She has progressed at a rapid rate since then and we are so PROUD of her! 

Makena in Kindergarten

This sweet 4 year old LOVES school. She is eager to learn everyday. She is one smart little cookie.

Preparing for LONG term ministry!!

This picture represents 3 months of hard work that was a necessity for long term ministry in the bush with kids. We realized quickly after ordering two years of school books in advance for 3 kids, that there was NO way we could bring it all to Africa. My incredible husband figured out how to get 9 check in bags worth of books on just a few hard drives. This will allow us to do school in the bush without having SO much weight and space. 

I wanted to give you a brief example of some of the preparation that goes into moving to Africa for 2 years with a family of 5. This is a question that is often asked. You can buy a lot of supplies in Zambia but you either have to drive far to get it or pay a lot of money to get the "brand" you like. 
24 bars of soap 
6 tubes of kids sunscreen
bug spray
6 bottles of shampoo 
6 bottles of conditioner 
10 deoderant for john
10 deoderant for brandy 
15 tubes of toothpaste 
water purifiers
sleeping mats/bags
clothes for 2 years for each kid/ this one was hard trying to figure out how fast they will grow and what to buy ;-) 

   We are 92% FUNDED
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