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Autonomous Region of Bougainville! 

We are excited to announce that we are going to the Solomon Islands with a focus on Bougainville. 

We have been asked to shift from our time in Zambia to head directly to these islands that remain unreached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Their is a sense of URGENCY from the Holy Spirit that NOW is the time to move forward with reaching these areas. The doors have opened. Overland has personally been invited by the king of Bougainville to come and share the Gospel with his.  We know a viral move of God will breathe life throughout these lands. Heaven will be rejoicing as the fullness of the Gospel takes effect among the people, and local believers will rise up and be empowered to GO and make disciples throughout their country that has spent years in bondage. 

One thing John and I have learned over the years is you always obey the voice of Holy Spirit  and don't hesitate when he asks you to do something. We have been moving forward quickly with making preparations to reach Bougainville and the surrounding regions. The cost is high to reach them because the transportation is limited.

The only way to logically reach these islands is by boat!
We are pioneering the Maritime Division for Overland Missions. 
We are believing God for a fully donated sail boat that will serve as a mobile base. It will be our home, our transportation, and the only way we can effectively reach these islands. We will be able to house and transport sector missionaries and expedition teams to the different islands to evangelize and disciple. 

For as the waters fill the sea, the earth will be filled with an awareness of the glory of Lord.   Habakkuk 2:14


CLICK HERE to watch a video we put together to briefly share our hearts on moving forward in going to Bougainville. 
Prayer Request: That preaching opportunities open up for us while we are here in the states.

Brandy will be in Grove City, PA area Feb 5th-Feb 8th 
Thank you for your LOVE and PRAYERS! 

If you have questions you can call us at 918-629-1824 or 918-260-9099