These are my people,
                                                 This is my land. 
                                           This is my responsibility 
                                               You are my vessel. 

                      Here I wait...
 I have never heard of you,
                Yet I can't stop thinking of you!
                         I have never met you,                                                       Yet I LOVE YOU

    I SEE THEM, Your people, standing near the shore waiting to know truth. Standing with an empty longing, a darkness that they can't get rid of. Is there anything more?  Is this life all there is? If only they knew the great I AM.  It only takes one moment in Your presence Lord and they would never be without hope again. For now they wait, hope and search for answers but, God, you smile with a plan, knowing that soon the day is coming when Your love will be revealed, they will find You, and walk in Your light. 

    I SEE YOUR LIGHT slowly creeping up to the edge of that shore. One by one they are looking up to see you, seeing and feeling your love, discovering that You are real!  Your Word penetrates hearts and speaks truth into lives. When offered your precious gift of salvation, spirit filled hearts can only respond - YES! 

   FACES once full of darkness, now shining with the light of Your glory. A smile beams across those faces, an eruption of praises fill the air.  Your presence radiates, it can't be contained, it's CONTAGIOUS, unstoppable and spreads like a wildfire across the island. Lives are forever changed having found the joy in knowing You. You welcome them into an eternal love song free now to enjoy relationship with You. Your name is further glorified!  Thank You God!

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