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Sharing my heart the best I can! 

I have struggled to write this newsletter because finding the right words these days have been challenging. As some of you may know when the accident happened I had a 4 inch skull fracture. After that I had around 30 seizures a day for about 12 weeks. Since then writing has become harder so we started doing video blogs because it was easier. I know everyone does not have access to Facebook & some of our partners don't access to the internet at all. I want to make sure everyone stays in touch with what is going on in our lives. 

If you have any creative ideas or suggestions on what we can do to stay in touch more effecient please feel free to send us some ideas. 

In this newsletter I will post a link to our website (where I will be uploading all of our Facebook posts once a week) I will post a link to our youtube video's because these video's are a GREAT way to see the progress that is happening with therapy. We will also upload a picture album on our website from our trip. 

We love you so much and appreciate your partnership. On our website we have an area where you can send us your prayer requests. It stays private, it sends it straight to our email. We want to partner with you for your prayer requests. Plus you can use that same area to keep in touch and let us know how you are doing. 


In Nigeria there were NO isle chairs or elevators to get me on and off the airplane. John had to CARRY me the entire way. This is where the ONE STRONG MAN comes into play. John carried me in each country ALOT. He is so amazing! 
Nigeria, Africa
John and I atteneded a women's conference that had around 30,000 women. It was a incredible week of ministry. 
It wasn't impossible to do ministry in a wheelchair, but it defiantly came with its challenges. I am so BLESSED to have a incredible husband. 
After Nigeria John and I headed towards SE Asia for recon and ministry. We traveled through Doha, Thailand & Singapore. We only stayed 1-2 days in each location then finally arrived in Indonesia, where we stayed for around 10 days. We were going to head back into SE Asia to visit our Overland Missions base in Cambodia and visit Myanmar but the rains had already started and there was a lot of flooding. Rain in a third world country and wheelchairs are not a good combination so we found a cheap flight into Australia which was closer to our ending destination, California for Project Walk. We attended Project Walk for 2 days and it was INCREDIBLE. I will write a little more about that at the end of this newsletter. We found medical supplies that I would need in Singapore. That was a Blessing knowing you can take a $100 flight and get medical supplies. 
We had a 24 hour layover in Doha, Qatar. It was so hot during the day everyone went home during the afternoon to take a nap and would re-open shop at night. Needless to say we didn't get to see very much because everything was closed.  :-) 
We made it to Indonesia! 
We got to visit and minister to Mama and Papa while in Indonesia. Mama is doing great, she did have a bed sore on her leg and we were able to give her medical supplies to help treat it. Last October when I visited, they told me their son was demon possessed. We introduced them to a local christian who could continue to teach them about Jesus and I was so happy to hear that their son is now FREE. 
Ministry in Indonesia for us was so easy. Everyday, Everywhere we went we were never looking for someone to minister to. God would lead us to someone and the door would open to share about Jesus. On this particular day we went to a local shopping area and we rode a bus that would drop us off. It is a crazy process getting off the bus quickly. John has to jump out quickly get every part of my wheelchair and put it back together all while traffic is honking and crazy. Then he jumps back in picks me up and puts me in my chair and we run to the sidewalk and take a deep sigh of relief we made it. This beautiful lady spotted us immediately she was a sales clerk selling "time shares" to expensive resorts. We briefly ask her directions and go on our way to look around. A few hours later when we come back through she caught our attention with short conversation. Her comment is what we take for granted as christians yet it is SO TRUE.  She said "When I saw you two you were glowing with this brightness, did you just get married?"
We told her no we have been married for 10 years. 
She said "wow, i thought maybe you were glowing because you were on your honey moon but now I want to know WHY you are so happy" this of course opened the door to share about the beautiful LOVE our Father has to offer. 
WE as Christians SHINE so bright in a world that is so dark. Your relationship with Christ should shine so bright though you that no matter where you go whether the grocery store or bank your smile & "glow" captures the attention of those who don't know Christ. Take time to encourage someone, comment on how beautiful they are, SMILE at someone, if someone tells you they are sick PRAY for them RIGHT THEN. 

For the next 6 months we will be working on GET BRANDY WALKING VIA PROJECT WALK and working very hard with therapy everyday. When we were overseas I knew I needed to come back and get stronger before we can go overseas again as a family. I WILL WALK and that is first priority right this minute. I need to do it for my family, I need to do it for myself, and I need to do it for the NATIONS. We have places to be, people to minister to and I need to be as strong as possible in order to do what God has called us to do. I wont sugar coat it at all but it is going to BE HARD WORK. I have never put my body through rigorous excersices, I would choose the lazy way verses sweating  ;-)  Each one of you have made such a impact in my life with your love and encouragement. I know you will be praying and cheering me on each time I am at therapy believing for new muscles and nerves to WAKE UP and get stronger.  

Project Walk
what is it?! 
It is a non profit paralysis recovery center. They specialize in spinal cord injuries and they are incredible. John and I flew into Los Angeles, California and day one we did a evaluation. We received a great report from this evaluation. The therapist was so blown away with the amount of strength I had, he was impressed with what muscles and nerves were reacting to stimulation and were responding to certain exercises he would put me through. The first day he made me do 100 squats and walk the entire length of the building. I say made me because there was no getting out of it :-)  He knew I could do it even though I thought he was crazy thinking I could do 100 squats. One the first day I got my name on this special chalkboard for doing 100 squats. WAHOOO! The second day we went back they weren't any easier on me. He pushed me to my max and I was so surprised what I could actually do. I was able to use a spin bike. I could pedal front wards, stop it and then pedal backwards. I used a total gym machine and did squats on my back and I was able to lock my knees into place. Right now every time I stand my knees buckle. All these amazing accomplishments are caught on video and we put them on Youtube. John was able to buy all the equipment for home that was recommended by project walk. He found bargains and got creative. We will continue to go to Project Walk for break through. I am SO thankful God has healed the muscles needed to get walking. 

I am His daughter, He will never forsake me, He is there with me everytime I face the impossible and makes it possible. I know I can do this with Him by my side holding my hand. I know I can do this with you praying and encouraging me. We are a team and I am so thankful for each of you. 

$100 covers 1 hour of therapy 
Walking with this really cool machine! They will be for sale soon for around $2,000 and I have my eye on getting one because walking has never felt so AMAZING and FREEING! 

Great question and I don't have the answer. What I do know is that God called us to the nations and we will minister wherever God leads us. For the next 6 months we will be ministering all throughout the states. Everyone we meet will hear about Jesus because I can't keep it in. How can I when I am alive, I am moving my legs, I am a MIRACLE. GOD IS SO GOOD! 
After the 6 months we would like to go back overseas for a few months at a time as a family and build up to going overseas full time.
Please be standing with us during this season. It's not what we intended BUT I know that God has a plan for for our family that is far greater then I could ever come up with. 
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