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March 2021 eNewsletter

Safety today means Action tomorrow!

Employee News

Vaccination Location Information
These links might help you find a vaccination location in a more timely manner. If you use a Walmart location, you will need a login and password. I'm sure as things progress, there will be more vaccination locations to choose from.
Arkansas Vaccines
Oklahoma Vaccines

Attention to ALL employees who are currently enrolled in Action's 401k plan:
Did you know National Retirement Planning Week is part of Financial Literacy Month?
As the managed account provider for Action, Inc.'s retirement plan, we are ready to help. We always recommend that participants update their retirement plans at least once a year.
During the week of April 12th, ProNvest will provide complimentary retirement reviews.
ProNvest will review their individual 401(k) accounts to establish if participants:
1. Experienced significant financial or lifestyle changes
2. Want to increase their current contribution rate
3. Need to change their expected retirement age
4. Based upon changes, need to update their investment strategy

Please Contact Jan Shamp if you are interested in this service.

Crew Recognition - Darby Jr. High

From Foreman, Chris French:
"On 01/27/2021, my men and myself were called into the Nabholz office before lunch. I didn't know what was going on at the time. Andy Potter, Nabholz Superintendent, proceeded to hand out Home Depot gift cards to my crew in appreciation of clean-up efforts and always having required PPE on. I wanted to pass on to our company the great job that Jorge Gomez, John Cibik, and Cody Bolin are doing for me."

2 Crew Recognitions -
WPX Energy Building in Tulsa, OK

From Flintco General Contractor at WPX-Energy Building:
"Thank you to the Action plumbing crew for being on site this week. Even in the freezing cold conditions they were able to get work done and get it done safely. Their determination to show up every day and put in work is great to see on the job, kudos to those guys."

"I observed the operations today related to flying the prefab restroom carrier groups from the ground to lower levels of the Low-rise. Jason and Caleb on the ground, sending units up to Mike and Phillip. Action’s people were fully attentive to the task.
This task was executed in a manner that demonstrated a clear plan.
All fall protection requirements were in place and whistles were used to clearly communicate loads in the air.”

Kudos to the crew!!
Jason Nauman, Journeyman Plumber & Foreman
David Nauman, Journeyman Plumber
Caleb Smith, Apprentice Plumber
Michael Sturdevant, Apprentice Plumber
Clayton Reynolds, JR Apprentice Plumber

Congratulations to our new Medical Gas System Installers!

We want to congratulate and say thank you to Larry G. Collins who completed the MedGas update class in March 2021!

Way to go!!

Congratulations, Kenny Snell!
Action, Inc. Employee of the Quarter
Kenny Snell

This is what Senior Project Manager, Kenny Brown had to say about him:

"Kenny Snell is a Journeyman Plumber/ Pipefitter in the NWA region. Kenny is a key role player in the NWA  region and has worked on several high profile projects in 2020. His ability to adapt to the projects needs is vital in Action’s success on the projects he works on. Action needs more like him!"

Project of the Quarter
University of Arkansas Student Success Center

Project Specs:
Fayetteville, Arkansas

Architect: Core Architects
MEP Engineer: Bernhard TME
General Contractor: VCC

UA Student Success is a 4 story 71,000 Square foot building located in the heart of the University of Arkansas off of Campus Drive. It is a HVAC System using two 12,000 CFM Massive DOAS Units, and an Active Chilled Beam System(over 375 units) that utilizes  Chilled Water, Heating Water and is reduced down to Blended systems throughout the building. Its Architecture is matched to the adjacent historical building that have been around for a very long time. We have had the pleasure of working with one of the best design teams, from the Architect(Core Architects)  and Engineer(Bernhard TME) , to the General Contractor(VCC) and all of our great subcontractors and vendors. Helping us pull this off is one of our great foremen Jerry Southerland.  Jerrys attention to detail and leadership adds unmatched value on a project like this. Our team is proud to be selected as the job of the quarter.

Team Members
Project Manager: Donny Cook
Superintendent & Journeyman Plumber: Jerry Southerland
Action Project Manager:  Donny Cook
Action Superintendent & Journeyman Plumber: Jerry Southerland
Action Journeyman Plumbers: John Connolly, Cory Post, Bobby House, David Taylor, Nathan Collins, Jason Slocum, Brandon Halsey, Kenny Snell
Action Apprentice Plumbers: Julio Maldonado, Bryce Plymale, Daniel Munoz, Orion Leach, Anderson Granados

The Spotlight
Donny Cook


This quarter’s spotlight is on Donny Cook!

Donny's plate has been really full in 2020 and is always willing to take on more when asked. He is currently the PM on UA Student Success, VA Clinic in Ft Smith and the U of O Health Science building in Clarksville. Donny also participates in estimating of all JOC work on the U of A campus and recently finished up with several of those projects at the end of 2020. He also is working as the NWA plumbing instructor for the 2021 school year.

Awesome team player. Action needs more like him!

Welcome Lula Lanee!
Born: 01/26/2021
Lula is the granddaughter of Jan Shamp, Action Controller.
Parents are Desi and Dalton
Born on Desi’s Birthday
Desi is Jan Shamp’s daughter

Visit our website to learn about our
Apprenticeship Program!

Apprentice Schools

Safety Training Videos

The Action Safety Training Videos are now on the company website! You can access this page by scrolling down to the footer of the website and clicking the link "HR Videos" or follow the link below.
Safety Training Videos

Employee Suggestions
In an ongoing effort to improve our company and our employees, Action Mechanical encourages you to participate in an Employee Suggestion Form.  This form is open to all employees and can be submitted quarterly.  This provides you the opportunity to improve and benefit our company and customers. 

Suggestions that identify specific problems or opportunities and propose suitable solutions to enhance Action Mechanical's efficiency and effectiveness will be provided cash awards.  Cash awards will be authorized each quarter for employees who's ideas are adopted and implemented or result in measurable dollar savings.

Cash awards are based on the best idea each quarter.  The winner will receive $500.  An employee suggestion form is attached for your use.  Upon completion of this form, please submit to the following: or

We look forward to your participation in this program and the success we anticipate it will bring.
Employee Suggestion Form

Family Scholarship Program
Action, Inc. has established a scholarship program to assist employees’ children who plan to continue their education in college or vocational school programs. Scholarships are offered each year for full-time study at an accredited institution of the student’s choice.

This scholarship program is administered by Scholarship Management Services®, a division of Scholarship America®. Scholarship Management Services is the nation’s largest designer and manager of scholarship and tuition reimbursement programs for corporations, foundations, associations and individuals. Awards are granted without regard to race, color, creed, religion, sexual orientation, gender, disability or national origin.

Follow the links below for additional scholarship information and scholarship application form.
Family Scholarship Program Information
Family Scholarship Application

2019 School-Year Recipients

Left: Alan Wright, President, Logan Southerland, Jerry Southerland, Father & Superintendent
Right: Alan Wright, President, Dyllan Newell, Allan Newell, Father & Shop Manager

Click here for a list of birthdays for this quarter! 

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