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February 2022 eNewsletter

Safety today means Action tomorrow!

Employee News

Tulsa Apprentice Class
December 2021

The class was sponsored by Hajoca & Charlotte Pipe. PVC piping hands on.

Way to go guys!!
Kudos to the Following!

KUDOS to Ray Fryar!!
On Ray's professional approach and performance with multiple jobs noted by Action customers!

On passing your State Journeyman Plumbing Test!!!
Way to go!!

Congratulations to Tom Kennedy!
On being promoted from field foreman to CAD Team Leader in our Little Rock office.
Way to go!
Fort Smith Hunters Sweep
Statewide Big Squirrel Challenge

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Congratulations, Adam Gushi!
Action, Inc. Employee of the Quarter
Adam Gushi
Second Year Apprentice Plumber working out of the Tulsa office

This is what Project Manager, Michael Armer had to say about him:

"Adam Gushi is a new employee as of this year, he left a career in a different field to join the Action Team and learn a trade with a company which he can grow along with. He has been a valuable asset to the company as he strives to learn & help however he can. We look forward to what Adam can do here at Action Inc."

Adam grew up and also currently lives in Bristow, Oklahoma. Adam and his wife Lisa met while attending college at Carl Albert State College. They went on to get married in September of 2020. When Adam is not at work, he is probably at home spending time with Lisa and their two kids, Royce and Rayleigh.

Project of the Quarter
Green Bay Packaging

The Green Bay Packaging Project is a 566,000 + SF Manufacturing Facility in Tulsa, OK.

This was a Design Build project delivery method of construction using tilt wall and structural Steel building.

The Plumbing Scope included Warehouse break rooms and facility restrooms as well as chemical waste discharge pumps piping, Trench Drains, Area Drains, Sewage Flow meter, Natural Gas piping, Air Distribution, & Safety Eye wash stations throughout. The office is a two-story office with motile restrooms, kitchens, & Break areas.

The HVAC Scope included Air Turn over units, Radiant Tube Heaters, Split Systems, HVLS Fans, Louvers, Air Hoods & RTU’s. The office area included RTU’s , Split Systems, & Data Air HVAC as well as exhaust.

Team Members
Project Manager: Michael Armer
Journeyman Plumber & Foreman: Leonard Copeland
2nd Year Apprentice Plumber: John Reschick
4th Year Apprentice Plumber: Shane Burns
4th Year Apprentice Plumber: John Boone
Journeyman Plumber: Archie Gamble

The Spotlight
Ronnie Thomas

This quarter’s spot light is on Ronnie Thomas, field superintendent at our Tulsa office.

Ronnie was born in Fort Smith, AR and lived there most of his life. In his early years, he attended DuVall Grade School, Darby Jr. High, and then graduated from Northside High School in 1967. While he was in school, he had a variety of interests. Some of these included playing the trombone in both the concert and marching band and playing guard position on the 10th grade basketball team. But the interest that would shape his life towards Action, was his drafting class. While in that class, he was introduced to reading and understanding blueprints and plans. Ronnie, knew at that point, which direction he wanted to go. 

After graduation, he attended Westark Community College in Fort Smith, AR for two years. He focused on general studies to help pave his path for his contractor’s license and start his own business. And, after attending Fort Smith Plumbing School, that’s exactly what he did. Not only did Ronnie get his JP and contractor’s license, he began and ran his own business called Thomas Plumbing. 

For the next 10 years, Thomas Plumbing did both residential and small business plumbing in the Fort Smith area. During that time, Ronnie perked the interest of Dan Johnson, co-owner of Action, Inc. and Dan asked Ronnie to come aboard Action, Inc. Initially Ronnie said no, but then in 1991, Ronnie said yes.  

Ronnie was hired as a journeyman plumber and began mentoring many of the apprentices as they were attending apprentice school. Some of these apprentices included Alan Wright, Jerry Southerland, Michael Armer, and Jason Nauman; some of the greatest minds in the business today.

After 21 years of working in the Fort Smith area, Action asked Ronnie if we would mind working out of the Tulsa office. He must have said he didn’t mind, because in 2012, he began a commute that would last 7 years; traveling from Fort Smith, AR to Tulsa, OK. Then in 2019, Ronnie moved to Tulsa, OK., and has been there ever since. 

Ronnie has spent the last 3 years, as a field superintendent out of the Tulsa office, where he oversees manpower, job inspections, coordination with the general contractors, and mentor for the apprentices. He is still there today. 

The personal side of Ronnie Thomas includes a beautiful wife named Malinda, two children, and a grandson named Milo. Ronnie and Malinda began as friends in the beginning, but then things got serious and they married in 1982. They have 2 grown children, Emilee and Kris. Emilee is a dental assistant in Maumelle, AR and Kris works in the oil field industry, in Austin, TX. 

Ronnie’s personal interests include shooting his 1911, 45 Colt pistol, at the shooting range, riding his Harley Davidson, Road Glide, motorcycle with his wife, and fishing.  Since moving to Tulsa, he hasn’t had time to fish, but it’s definitely on the top of his “to do” list.

His words to the young just starting out, “Don’t give up. Look around, and even if you’re not sure what’s going on, don’t give up.”

Ronnie’s career with Action began in 1991 and has been going strong ever since. When I first called and told him the spotlight story was about him, he responded with, “You’re not gonna make me quit are you?” I laughed and said heck no! Reflecting back, Ronnie commented that this journey has been a great one. Action Mechanical has always treated him right and Ron, Dan, and Alan have been awesome to work for. 

On June 25, 2022, Ronnie will be here 31 years. His future plans include staying here a while longer and enjoying the heck out of life.

In closing I would like to add, that I never really talked with Ronnie Thomas a lot. But, during this interview, I found out that Ronnie is a deeply humbled man, that takes pride and integrity in his work and life. I am really glad I was able to speak with him and get to know him a little more. Ronnie, I hope you find your favorite stream to fish out of and are able to spend many days casting your line. I wish you the best that life has to offer you.

Robin D’Onofrio


Ronnie Thomas is a leader to all of us. We look to him for ideas and certainty when approaching new, pushing through the middle, & Completing projects. I met Ronnie Thomas the day I interviewed for a “job” at this company with him and Kenny B. in 1999, which later turned into a very rewarding career full of opportunities. The two of them and then later Andy Moreton helped “mold me” as KB would always say to become who I am today for this Company. Over the many years, Ronnie & I have become very good Friends. He not only has taught me the Plumbing Business, but he has also taught me many life lessons to pass on to our future employees & my children.

Michael Armer

Jill & Curt

While we weren't looking Jill snuck away and eloped with Curt in Louisiana! The ceremony took place at the Fairfield Manor Bed & Breakfast. They took their honeymoon in Cozumel, Mexico!

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Safety Training Videos

The Action Safety Training Videos are now on the company website! You can access this page by scrolling down to the footer of the website and clicking the link "HR Videos" or follow the link below.
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Employee Suggestions
In an ongoing effort to improve our company and our employees, Action Mechanical encourages you to participate in an Employee Suggestion Form.  This form is open to all employees and can be submitted quarterly.  This provides you the opportunity to improve and benefit our company and customers. 

Suggestions that identify specific problems or opportunities and propose suitable solutions to enhance Action Mechanical's efficiency and effectiveness will be provided cash awards.  Cash awards will be authorized each quarter for employees who's ideas are adopted and implemented or result in measurable dollar savings.

Cash awards are based on the best idea each quarter.  The winner will receive $500.  An employee suggestion form is attached for your use.  Upon completion of this form, please submit to the following: or

We look forward to your participation in this program and the success we anticipate it will bring.
Employee Suggestion Form

Family Scholarship Program
Action, Inc. has established a scholarship program to assist employees’ children who plan to continue their education in college or vocational school programs. Scholarships are offered each year for full-time study at an accredited institution of the student’s choice.

This scholarship program is administered by Scholarship Management Services®, a division of Scholarship America®. Scholarship Management Services is the nation’s largest designer and manager of scholarship and tuition reimbursement programs for corporations, foundations, associations and individuals. Awards are granted without regard to race, color, creed, religion, sexual orientation, gender, disability or national origin.

Follow the links below for additional scholarship information and scholarship application form.
Family Scholarship Program Information
Family Scholarship Application

2021-2022 Scholarship Recipients

Alan Wright - President, Dyllan Newell, Allan Newell - Father & Shop Manager

"Thank you again for your continued support for the last 4 years. This scholarship has been extremely helpful for me and my family as I continue my studies at the University of Arkansas - Fort Smith. I have been working on getting my bachelors degree in Media Communication for the last 3 years. As I enter my senior year, it is a blessing to know that I will be leaving my undergrad with zero debt. As through this scholarship and some others from the school and state I have been able to attend college for free and actually get paid to attend school. After my senior year, I plan to either get a job in higher education through my fraternity's main office and pursue a master's degree in business administration, or go straight to grad school for my master's. Again thank you for your support through this scholarship and helping further my education."

- Dyllan Newell

Alan Wright - President, Hunter Cook, Donny Cook -Father & Project Manager

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for supporting higher education. It is an honor to have been selected to receive the Family Scholarship Award for the 2021-2022 academic years. My major will be in Marketing and Management at UCA in Conway, AR."

- Hunter Cook

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