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More $$$ for all under American Rescue Plan
The first order of business of the new administration is to get shots in the arms as fast as possible without the lag that is now being experienced by states not able to get out the vaccines. This article published in the Boston Globe is a good read for what is to be expected should the Biden Administration be successful in getting this through the legislative process
, which is highly likely.

Here’s another take from Nation’s Restaurant News that spells out further how the amounts being distributed.

And, the press release issued by Governor Sisolak

How Biden’s Rescue Plan will affect employers
A not so well known part of the plan identified by the Littler Group:
Among the many provisions of the plan, there are several of note with direct labor and employment implications:
  • Creating a paid sick leave requirement for employers, regardless of size, that would give parents and family members caring for sick relatives more than 14 weeks of paid sick and family leave (Note: the plan would also provide as much as $1,400 per week and tax credits for employers with fewer than 500 employees to help offset costs)
  • Extending and expanding unemployment benefits, from $300 a week (set to expire in March) to $400 a week (through the end of September)
  • Calling on employers to provide “hazard pay” to frontline workers
  • Authorizing OSHA to issue a national COVID-19 emergency temporary standard
  • Increasing the federal minimum wage, from $7.25 an hour, to $15 an hour
  • Eliminating the separate tipped minimum wage, currently at $2.13 an hour for employees that are eligible for tips
President-elect Biden’s ability to secure enough votes in the Senate to pass the proposal is uncertain, but some experts have argued that particular provisions of the plan can be passed via reconciliation, which only requires a 50-vote threshold for passage.
The vaccine is available, but can you find an appointment?
The pent up demand for the COVID-19 vaccine has become evident as people are clamoring for the shot that will hopefully get us back to some sort of normalcy. CCHHS sent out a press release on 1/13 announcing the opening of their immunization reservation system.
CCHHS sites were almost immediately “sold out” for those first time vaccines and are mostly administering the 2nd doses. If you tried to make a reservation, you will have seen the frustration of it all. According to the reservation page, there are no appointments available until May 20th which seems to negate the governor’s directive to get the senior population vaccinated.

Here’s the CCHHS link so you can keep trying. Perhaps they will announce future dates after seeing the pent-up demand for the most vulnerable population.
Your medical provider should be notifying you of their available appointments. Carson Medical Group informed their patients that they received over 1,000 inquiries for appointments as soon as it was announced the vaccine was available for those 70 and over and various front line employees. It will be interesting to see how this all works out and how many will be vaccinated over the next two weeks. You can only get vaccinated in your health area.  Those in Quad County area can only receive vaccinations in any of the four counties.

A grim statistic: The world loss to the pandemic has just reached over 2 million. The toll is 390,000 in the United states with those over 65 representing 78%.
Revised CDC guidelines issued Tuesday. 
While Nevada has deemed it is starting to vaccinate those over 70, the CDC guidelines has authorized states to inoculate those over 65. This new directive also includes people between 16 and 64 with comorbid conditions who will now be eligible to receive the vaccine if every state adopts the guidelines, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
To find out more how you can get vaccinated in Nevada, please refer to

SBA Paycheck Protection program Q&A
to be held every Thursday
From now through March, those who wish to be on top of all the changes that may be taking place every hour as it relates to the PPP will find it helpful to tune in at 2 pm (PT) by clicking on the information as shown in the announcement. The next info session is slated for Thursday, January 21 at 2 p.m.   
If you missed the first webinar, you may wish to review it before applying for this second round – or in some cases the first round.

Communicating the importance of the vaccine to employees
It’s been tough on employers. Some businesses have had to curtail operations because one employee tested positive for COVID-19. Here’s a suggested way to communicate to your employees why it is important to get that shot in the arm for the benefit of all.

Beware of another round of scams IRS warns
Please forewarn your employees: Scamsters are out there again trying to get this second round of stimulus checks. For those receiving unsolicited emails, text messages, or social email messages that seemingly originate from the IRS, please report these directly to  for the IRS does not contact anyone in this manner and does not threaten citizens or demand tax payments as gift cards.
COVID-19 scams can be reported to the National Center for Disaster Fraud using the agency’s website, or by calling 1-866-720-5721. People can also report fraud or theft of their stimulus check on the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration’s website.

SBA Shuttered Venue Operators Grants to be offered
– more webinars forthcoming
This is turning out to be an amazingly popular grant request since so many venues were shuttered during this strange time. Many were not able to tune in on the first webinar held yesterday since there was such a demand. If you could not get in, the the meeting is now being replayed on YouTube.
 We are also informed there will be further webinars explaining this program that can grant up to $10 million per venue. 

OSHA FINES increase beginning today 
As you know, OSHA has been on the prowl to make certain all OSHA mandates – including the COVID mandates are being met.  The non-compliance fees begin today. 

Make a reservation at your favorite restaurant this weekend!
Our restaurants are continuing to struggle to keep their doors open until they can receive a PPP grant/loan or some of the restrictions are relaxed. While fast food establishments are doing gang-busters and new fast food restaurants are opening, it is the local small restaurants that have been hit the hardest.
Carson City has many wonderful small restaurants open (25% capacity) to serve you and will gladly provide take-out. Please patronize these important small businesses enhancing our quality of life. Don’t forget to make a reservation!  

We’d love for you to visit Carson City, but……

This coming week may not be the time to enjoy all the wonderful places to see downtown since it is anticipated that there could be some protests which thus far have been peaceful to date. The city is on high alert and our wonderful Sheriff, State, Capitol Police, and National Guard are making certain we remain safe as what is hoped the “peaceful transfer of power” takes place.
Reminder:   Stay Healthy in 2021!

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