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Alternative Waste Solutions for the Pacific Region: Learning from the Hawaii Experience
by Jordan P. Howell

AsiaPacific Issues, no. 121 (Honolulu: East-West Center, November 2015)
8 pp.
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With limited space and ever-growing trash, the islands of the Pacific share unique challenges managing their solid wastes. The traditional approach has been to collect waste in open dumps and landfills. But overwhelmed sites and unsanitary conditions are driving governments to seek alternative solutions. Hawai‘i has implemented "resource recovery" systems in past decades to deal with waste, including an innovative energy-from-waste project on O‘ahu, and a recycling/composting program on Maui that focuses on diverting material from landfills. While both have been successful in reducing waste and generating products, the programs have also endured unexpected delays and problems. Despite differences in scale and capacity, the  Hawai‘i experience offers insights for other Pacific islands into how to tackle their own solid waste management issues, and create systems and policies that deliver the greatest ecological and economic benefits.


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Papers in the AsiaPacific Issues series address topics of broad interest and significant impact relevant to current and emerging policy debates.  For more information on the series, including submission guidelines, visit

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AsiaPacific Issues

No. 118
Transforming the Regional Architecture: New Players and Challenges for the Pacific Islands
by Nic Maclellan

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In Search of Refuge: Pacific Islands, Climate-Induced Migration, and the Legal Frontier
by Maxine Burkett

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