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December 2nd, 2015


Secretariat for Evangelization & Family Life
Secretariado de Evangelización y Vida Familiar

Diocese of Orlando 
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A message from the Secretary...
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3 December 2015 (MORNING)
Re: Youth Ministry
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3 December 2015 (AFTERNOON)
Re: Mandated-Reporting & Victim’s Assistance

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Youth Ministry Update
Call for Youth Ministry resources to share!
I’m pleased to announce a shared resources folder on the intranet for Youth Ministers. This has been created in a hope to share wisdom and gather ideas for youth nights, retreats and prayer services, liturgical seasons, and service projects. Here’s how it works: remember that great icebreaker you did…that fundraiser which far exceeded your expectations…or that leadership building exercise which impacted your whole peer ministry dynamic? Write out how you did it in a word document and send it to Over here, we’ll make sure it’s uploaded onto the server for all to use!

The amount of shared resources I can offer you will be largely reliant on what you are able to send me. So far, we’ve uploaded the social media graphics I’ve been making for the Diocesan Facebook, and resources for the Year of Mercy. To get to the shared resources, log onto the intranet, and then go here or click on the image below.

Catechist Formation Update
Update - UDayton Onsite Courses, 2016
Seven site locations have been lined up to offer the Liturgy courses in English and Spanish during Cycle 1, Jan – Feb 2016. This course examines the meaning of liturgy, delves into Mass as the center of liturgical life, and explores liturgical rites and the Liturgy of the Hours. It answers the question: who does what? and lays out the liturgical year. These courses are beneficial to all in ministry, to ordinary parishioners and to those involved in catechesis. The Registration Form for the English course is available here. ( ) The Spanish form is available here.(

Introduction to Liturgy 
  • Church of the Nativity, Longwood. Tuesday evenings. Orientation Jan 5th, 2016
  • Holy Family, Orlando. Monday evenings. Orientation Jan 4th, 2016
  • St. Mary of the Lakes, Eustis. Monday evenings. Orientation Jan 4th, 2016
  • Church of the Resurrection, Lakeland. Thursday evenings, Orientation Jan 7th, 2016
  • St. Thomas Aquinas, Bartow. Tuesday evenings. Orientation Jan 5th, 2016
Introducción a la Liturgia
  • St. Francis of Assisi, Apopka. Monday evenings. Orientation Jan 4th, 2016
  • St. John Neumann, Lakeland. Monday evenings. Orientation Jan 4th, 2016
Class sessions take place the following 5 weeks from the Orientation.

During Cycle 2 (Feb-Mar 2016) we will offer the 3-week seminar Theological Reflection in English and Introducción a la Biblia, in Spanish. The Theological Reflection seminar imparts to participants the methods and elements of the theological reflection process, underscoring the importance of being authentic to Catholic tradition as it attempts to provide leaders with skills to work in groups. The seminar also offers a method to distinguish ecclesial leadership from leadership in other organizations. While this seminar is useful to all in ministry leadership it should have particular appeal to those involved in or wishing to initiate small Christian groups. The Introducción a la Biblia Seminar discusses the nature of divine revelation, biblical authorship, the importance and formation of the canon, textual criticism, and the principals of biblical interpretation, including hermeneutics and exegesis. The participant will be exposed to the academic, pastoral and spiritual aspects of the Bible. 

To volunteer your parish or school as a potential site or to seek more information, please contact Mike Becker (407 246-4912, or Tomas Evans (407 246-4931 or 

Upcoming Catechist Classes
There is one more class in December.  Now is the time to register. Course 103 Introduction to Scripture is a prerequisite for the Christology class. 
  • 203 Christology, 12/12/15 at Blessed Sacrament, Clermont.
Visit to register.

Catechist Formation DCCP Classes
To Whom:          Catechists, Catholic School Teachers, and Catechetical Leaders
Cost:                      $15 Registration Form.
Registration:   Ten days before the class meets. All registrations are online.
Class Times:    Classes are 9:00 am - 4:30 pm except where posted.
Contact:    or (407) 246-4912.
Scheduled Classes through the end of the
2015-2016 academic year shown below
**Please contact the parish to enroll.
Family Ministry Update
Marriage Ministry gathering highlights
Thank you to all who attended the morning and evening gatherings on Monday.  It was such a pleasure to meet so many of you face to face.  I am looking forward to ministering with each of you.  If you were not able to make it to the gathering on Monday, I will be attending several pre-Cana sessions throughout the Diocese beginning in January and, if invited, would be happy to attend deanery or parish marriage ministry team meetings.  
A few of the highlights from the gathering are:
A preliminary vision for Marriage Ministry
  • Begins with the very young in classroom and ministry settings
  • Continues with teaching teens and young adults about valuing and respecting themselves and others as uniquely created by God
  • Immediate preparation for engaged couples with focus on God as center and creating relationships within the parish (mentor couple)
  • Continued support in first years of marriage and maintaining connection to parish and mentor couple
  • Support for marriages, helping couples envision their role as models and mentors
This is an exciting time to be a part of marriage ministry. There has been much discussion and comments by church leadership during the recent world meeting of families and Synod of Bishops. Several bishops have envisioned marriage preparation to be more like a “marriage catechumenate” – a profound period of formation before and after the wedding day.  It is apparent to all, church laity and leadership alike, that the immediate preparation of couples for marriage is good, but more needs to be done.
I will be forming an Advisory Committee to continue the formulation of the Diocesan vision for marriage ministry, incorporating the vision of church leaders and current methods that have proven to be effective.  The team will include people involved in all aspects of marriage ministry. We will begin meeting in January and meet approximately every other month.  If you are interested in serving as a member of the committee, please send me an e-mail:

I will be out of the office from Friday, December 4 through Tuesday, December 15.  If you have any marriage related questions during that time, please contact Edna Miro at 407.246.4930 or
Bible Verse of the Week

 The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.
In verdant pastures he gives me repose;
Beside restful waters he leads me;
he refreshes my soul."
Ps 23:1-3



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Dennis L. Johnson, Jr.
Secretary, Evangelization & Family Life

Rev. Ben Berinti

Director, Campus Ministry UCF

Rev. Gaetan Boursiquot
Director, Haitian Ministry


Kimberly (Kimmy) Zeiler
Director, Youth Ministry

Tomás Evans

Director, Hispanic Ministry

Lynda Monckton

Director, Family Ministry

Mike Becker

Manager, Catechist Formation

Yahaira Olmeda

Tony Marco
Campus Ministry

Sheila Henry

Diana Jiménez

Edna Miro

Elizabeth Ruiz