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October 28th, 2015


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Secretariado de Evangelización y Vida Familiar

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A message from the Secretary...
Sometimes we are blessed with the surprises of good things unexpectedly coming our way. So it is with our upcoming event on November 3rd, 2015. The North American Forum on Small Christian Communities which is the preeminent Catholic organization in support of small-group faith sharing and witness is holding their board meeting here in central Florida. As a way of giving back to the region, we have been offered a professional day, which is being provided for us. The event is designed for parish ministry professionals and key leaders (or group facilitators) involved with SCC-ministries. It should be a great opportunity to learn what is taking place in the world of small-group discipleship-making.
This past weekend I was with leaders from the Space Coast Alliance, our own SCC-initiative involving several parishes from Southern Deanery, for a training event. A major impetus of our work, was to look at the changing factors that are shaping Catholic life today and to examine how SCC assist in bringing the Church more intimately to people in the realities of their daily lives. One lesson-learned, is that these efforts (with SCCs) reinforce, grow, and transform the parish as a whole.
The group gathered was quite impressive, ethnically (Anglo-European, Latin, and Vietnamese) and culturally (senior and young adult) diverse. I was very impressed by the commitment, love, and interest in growing discipleship by everyone gathered (a lively and participatory group of leaders unencumbered by the challenges of our present age). Did you know that Pope Francis is a big-fan of SCCs because of the effective witness and daily support they provide to people? Small-group ministry is a great way to enliven the upcoming Year of Mercy set to begin in a few weeks. There is so much material and resources for SCCs that any and every parish can easily find one or more offerings to utilize with parishioners or as an outreach program. I am sure this will be touched-upon in detail at next week’s gathering. I hope you plan to attend. Here is the link with more information and to register: Click Here.
This week Tomás Evans and I will be attending our regional gathering of Hispanic Ministry directors. A major topic of conversation will be plans for the upcoming V Encuentro Nacional sobre la Pastoral Hispana (Fifth National Encounter on Hispanic Ministry) that will be sponsored by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. Leading up to the national gathering, it is anticipated that regions, provinces, and dioceses may host or provide smaller-venue events to engage the Church (especially Latinos) in looking at how we celebrate, support, and engage Hispanics in our Church in ways that empower leadership, dignity, and respect. More to come as many dioceses, like our own, grapple with the issues of diversity (differences), integration (oneness), and inculturation (uniqueness) that both challenge and enrich our communities and ministries on every level.
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Youth Ministry
Promote WYD to the Young Adults in your parish: website, brochure, promotional video.
Young adults ages 18-40 (or adolescents 16-18 accompanied by a parent/guardian) are encouraged to register for WYD-2016.
Begin joining us in prayer! Official WYD Prayer
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Catechist Formation Update
Catechist Formation Update
A new class has been added to the DCCP Schedule. St. Thomas Aquinas, Saint Cloud, will host 210-Catechesis and Human Development on Saturday February 20, 2016. This course examines the various stages of human and faith development and how catechesis is meant to help at each stage so as to lead to full identification with Jesus. Visit the schedule at to sign up.
Upcoming Classes. Four classes are scheduled for November 7th. Sacred Heart, New Smyrna Beach, is hosting 104-Leading People to Sacraments while St. John Neumann, Lakeland, is giving space for 105 Catholic Moral Teaching. Both classes have ample space. Blessed Trinity, Ocala, is hosting another class in the Spanish cohort series,106-Celebramos nuestra fe: Catequesis y Liturgia. Contact Victor Miranda ( to enroll. In the sacramental preparation series, Nativity, Longwood, is hosting 310-Confirmation Catechesis. This is the only Confirmation prep class on the schedule so if you wish catechists to receive instruction on the six principal themes of the Rite: Born Anew in Baptism, Sealed with the Gift of the Spirit, In the Strength of His Love, The Oil of Salvation, More Like Christ, In the Unity of Faith, then this class is for you. Visit to sign up.
The USCCB is having a Catechism Resource Sale. 40% off on the US Catholic Catechism for Adults, the Catechism/Catecismo, the Compendium and more. These are essential resources for every parish catechetical library and make great gifts to catechists, catechumens and ministry leaders. Act now – sale ends this week. Visit to peruse the available publications.


Catechist Formation DCCP Classes
To Whom:          Catechists, Catholic School Teachers, and Catechetical Leaders
Cost:                      $15 Registration Form.
Registration:   Ten days before the class meets. All registrations are online.
Class Times:    Classes are 9:00 am - 4:30 pm except where posted.
Contact:    or (407) 246-4912.
Scheduled Classes through the end of the
2015-2016 academic year shown below

**Please contact the parish to enroll.
Hispanic Ministry Update
Simplemente gracias.
La semana pasada tuve la oportunidad de colaborar en el radio maratón de Buena Nueva FM, en el que durante las 50 horas en vivo pudimos sentir el apoyo de muchos de nuestros oyentes. De manera especial esta jornada de maratón logró la participación de voluntarios que llegaron a los estudios a ofrecer su tiempo y talento y que por medio del testimonio buscaban motivar las donaciones.

Gracias a los patrocinadores que nos aportaron. Gracias a los ministerios de música de las parroquias que engalanaron con hermosa música las horas del radio maratón. Gracias a las organizaciones comunitarias  por haber llegado. Gracias a todos en el Secretariado de Evangelización y Vida Familiar, de manera especial Elizabeth Ruiz y Edna Miro.
Una especial mención a los sacerdotes que nos celebraron la Misa en vivo desde los estudios haciendo que el momento de la celebración de la Eucaristía llegue profundamente a los corazones de los oyentes.

Gracias a cada uno de ustedes que nos ayudó a pasar la información y a compartir la buena noticia de que Buena Nueva celebraba su radio maratón anual.
Con la certeza de que  este ministerio es un proyecto de Dios, los exhorto a mantener firme la oración por Buena Nueva FM y espero que Dios nos preste vida y nos veamos en el 2016.
Family Ministry Update
Rethinking and Reshaping Marriage Preparation  
If you followed some of the conversation from the Synod of Bishops on the family, you might have heard some interesting thoughts and ideas on the subject of marriage preparation.  One phrase that was used was ‘marriage catechumenate’.  

The idea of a “marriage catechumenate” — a period of formation for marriage that would cover a period of time both before and after the wedding day — was part of the discussion at the ongoing synod of the family taking place in Rome.
“At least 10 times, the topic of a ‘catechumenate for marriage’ came up,” Vatican spokesman Father Thomas Rosica revealed at an Oct. 6 media briefing, describing it as “preparation for marriage, a longer process for marriage, as well as a preparation that takes place in the years right after the wedding; it continues.”

While I am not sure I can fully embrace using the term ‘catechumenate’ in the context of marriage preparation, I can accept the marriage preparation journey as one that begins well before the engagement and continues after the wedding.

The journey can look something like this: the engaged couple is guided through the ‘proximate prep’ preparation by a parish team of the Pastor and married couples who are trained.  The team provides practical tools and skill development in communication, finances, parenting, NFP, etc.  The team also provides information on the Sacramental nature of marriage while bringing them into closer communion with Jesus Christ and the church.
What would this look like in your parish?
Bible Verse of the Week

 The heavens declare the glory of God;
the firmament proclaims the works of his hands."
Ps 19:2

From November 15–21, 2015, the USCCB invites families, parishes, schools, and other Catholic groups to participate in National Bible Week in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Second Vatican Council's Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation, Dei Verbum.

This year's theme, The Bible: A Book for the Family, builds on this year's Synod of Bishops on the Family and Pope Francis's visit to Philadelphia for the World Meeting of Families.
National Bible Week
Resources include:
Resources for Families >
Enthroning the Bible in the Family 
Sharing the Word of God at Home
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Resources for Parishes >
How to Start and Sustain Parish Bible Study
Family Retreat ("Nourishing Our Family with God's Word") 
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Articles >
The Senses of Scripture
The Word of God as the Foundation of the Church's Mission 
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