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Life is busy.
It's been over a year that we started Procol (what's that?) - we've been growing fast and that's been keeping me up. Here's what we have this month -
📷 The secret subscription of spy cameras. A site sold monthly subscriptions, raking in over $6,000. It had more than 4,000 users, 97 of whom paid add-on fees for additional features like video replay.
👫 A dating app for three. Nonmonogamous coupling — and “thruppling” — has been lubricated by the internet. The next billion dollar idea?
🚔 How to tackle traffic. Introducing - congestion fees. It will soon cost ~$10 — to drive into the busiest neighborhoods of New York City.
🛵 The world’s greatest delivery empire. An app, a sort of mashup of Grubhub, Expedia,, Groupon, and Yelp, has 600,000 delivery people serving 400 million customers a year in 2,800 cities.
🍔 McDonald’s and it's AI. They spent $300m to acquire a startup that provides retailers with algorithmically driven “decision logic” technology.
🛍 The drunk shopping industry. American adults and found that drunk shopping is an estimated $48B per industry. Who’s doing all this drunk shopping? What are they buying? Where are they buying it?
🚨 Batman's favourite app. An app called Citizen promises “awareness” of nearby danger. What it provides is more complicated. "I don’t know if I want to know, but I can’t not know."
🤖 How incumbent retailers are deploying machine learning. From personalized recommendations to targeted newsletter offers, artificial intelligence is a bedrock of e-commerce. But what about physical stores?
🧰 How Airtable became a unicorn. Years before his second company (Airtable) reinvented the database, Howie Liu wanted to make email a more useful tool for salespeople. Interesting story.
🎙 Why companies are mining your voice. Voices are highly personal, hard to fake, and contain surprising information about our mental health and behaviors. "give us someone’s voice, and we’ll tell you what they will do"
Fun facts 
😮 The artist who made Scooby-Doo found desirable traits that you’d look for in a top-level show dog and drew Scooby-Doo to represent the opposite. Link.
😱 Wine glasses are seven times larger than they were in the 1700s. Link.
😵 Chinese students can rent fake parents to meet their teacher to avoid embarrassment. Link.
🙄 A parking space in Hong Kong sold for a record $664,300.00. Car park cost more than some two-bedroom homes in the city. Link.
😳 Morgan Freeman wears his earrings because they are just worth enough to pay for a coffin in case he dies in a strange place. Link.
Free ideas
💡 Microwaves should have a night mode, so when you make food in the middle of the night it doesn't wake everyone up.
💡 Office chair that vibrates every hour to remind you of how long you’ve been sitting for.
💡 Rich kids can buy their way through the admissions process if they pay for the college of the poorest 5 kids enrolled there.
💡 Apartment laundry room app. Tells you if any washing machines and dryer are available and let’s you reserve them.
💡 The google self-driving car should have an ‘Im feeling lucky’ button that drives you to a random location.
Gaurav Baheti
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