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Happy Sunday.
Last edition of November's here. This newsletter was prepared under tough circumstances, but here it goes-
📊 Fascinating insights about what worries. What 20,000 letters to an advice columnist tell us about what—and who—concerns us most.
🌄 How hackers are stealing high profile Instagram accounts. Faisal, a college student, said he earns roughly $300,000 a year from posting sponsored content for brands like TikTok, and his account was compromised.
📱 The end of the beginning. This is a must watch presentation by Ben Evans on where new technologies are heading.
🦃 The company making turkey without meat. The company was originally founded as Turtle Island Foods in 1980 by Seth Tibbott, a free-spirited naturalist who at the time was taking his first tentative steps as a vegan.
👨‍🔬 The most important neuroscientist in the world. Friston is one of the most influential scholars in the field of artificial intelligence. 59 years old, he works every night, and has published 1,000+ academic papers since the turn of the millennium.
🛡 The war inside 7-Eleven. The company has been battling its store owners for years. In a twisted effort to oust "underperforming" store owners, 7-Eleven has taken to reporting its own franchisees to immigration authorities.
⛄️ How to teach artificial intelligence some common sense. We’ve spent years feeding neural nets vast amounts of data, teaching them to think like human brains. They’re crazy-smart, but they have absolutely no common sense.
👛 How companies get you to pay more for the same product. Companies go to great lengths to get consumers to spend more on goods. It’s not just the airlines; consumers are paying up for everything from sneakers to pickup trucks.
🎬 Entertainment goes online. The BCG report pegs the Indian OTT market to reach $5bn (USD) in size by 2023. This growth is being driven by rising affluence, increase in penetration of data into rural markets.
🛍 The resilience of Costco. For 40 years, Costco has succeeded with a simple formula: reinvest merchandising profits into lower prices and better products; and treat customers and employees well. But the times are changing.
Fun facts 
😮 Amazon has 10k employees working on Alexa.​ Link.
😳 1/5th of Chinese apartments (50 million) is unoccupied. Link.
😱 90% of all mobile phones sold in Japan are waterproof because youth like to use them even while showering. Link.
🙄 Apples originated in Kazakhstan and wild apples can taste like roses, strawberries, popcorn, anise, and many other flavors. 90% of modern apples can be traced back to 2 trees. Link.
😵 Nazi physicists rejected Einstein's theory of relativity as "Jewish science". Link.
Free ideas
💡 A circus where the audience wears AR goggles and the people perform with monsters.
💡 A reverse tipping system where customers receive an up to 15% discount for potential poor service.
💡 If you refuse to get vaccinated, you lose any and all access to medicine until you choose to vaccinate yourself.
💡 An app that detects when you laugh at an Instagram post and automatically upvotes it.
💡 A toilet seat with a built-in scale for measuring the weight of the dump, also featuring a touch display with leaderboards.
Gaurav Baheti
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