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And we're live.
Running a bit late due to switched timezones. Here are a few interesting things I came across this week-
📱 A business with no end. Where does this strange empire start or stop?
📊 How cheap labour drives China's AI goals. If China is the Saudi Arabia of data, these businesses are the refineries, turning raw data into the fuel that can power China’s A.I. ambitions.
🌄 How to be an artist. How many times have you looked at something and questioned - “Is that art?” Here's little advice on how to be creative.
💰 How to build a global software sweatshop. In the 1990s Liemandt was the golden boy of enterprise software. But then, lost most of it. At age 50 he’s back on The Forbes 400, with a net worth of $3 billion.
👶 Gene-edited kids. A Chinese researcher stunned the world by claiming to have created the first human babies, a set of twins, with Crispr-edited DNA. “Two beautiful little Chinese girls, Lulu and Nana."
👑 How to make Instagram a full-time career. “My job is to make it look effortless, to look like it’s the most fun ever and it’s never a job. But it is a job.”
🐕 The dog hiking service for the rich. Rich New Yorkers who feel bad about keeping their dogs inside all day are paying dog hikers to let them run free in the country.
🚀 How China became a superpower. China has the world’s only internet companies that can match America’s in ambition and reach. It is years ahead of the US in replacing paper money with smartphone payments, turning tech giants into vital gatekeepers of the consumer economy.
🎬 The genius of the London Tube map. Design legend Michael Bierut tells the story of the accidental success of one of the most famous maps in the world the — London Tube Map.
🛰 How to land on mars. A great showcase of how NASA’s InSight spacecraft will try to land on Mars.
Fun facts 
😮 A guy who tried online dating and had ‘nothing to say’ launched a startup for ‘relationship coaches’ attracted $2m in funding.​ Link.
😳 500 Trees that are planted around the United States from seeds that travelled to the Moon on the Apollo 14 Mission are called Moon Trees. Link.
😱 There are 328 human people named “Abcde” in the US. Link.
🙄 The pyramids weren't built by slaves, but a complex system of voluntary, privileged laborers. Link.
😵 If the Andromeda Galaxy were brighter, it would be larger in the sky than the Moon. Link.
Free ideas
💡 A gym that reduces your monthly fee based on how frequent you go.
💡 A service that allows you to take recordings of your loved one's voice and reproduce a song with it using AI.
💡 Being able to press an elevator button a second time to deselect a floor.
💡 A filter to remove stock photos from google images.
💡 A public toilet you can't get out of until you washed your hands and the room is clean.
Gaurav Baheti
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