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Long time no see.
I finally got two hours at the airport, during which I prepared this edition after a few missed ones. In Dubai this week, hit me up if you're around.
🛒 Shoplifting at Amazon Go. You know, the stores without checkouts. Two months back, we personally tried it. It just works.
🏝 The race to Antarctica. These two guys spent two months racing across Antarctica, a journey that killed an explorer who attempted it in 2016. Back in warmer climes, they spoke about the race of a lifetime.
📰 The cost of Apple News. Apple is driving a hard bargain with publishers ahead of the launch of its rumored News subscription service as "Netflix for news".
🌆 The Instagram for prisons. Apps like Pigeonly, InmateAid, and Flikshop are offering a cheaper way for families to connect with incarcerated loved ones. It's a social network.
📷 Cameras that understand. A must-read for those interested in computer vision - about the approach Google is taking with ‘Lens’, which is integrated into the Android camera app next to ‘Portrait’ - point it at things and magic happens.
🖋 Robo-reporters are already out there. Bloomberg News uses a robo-writing program called Cyborg in ⅓ of its articles, and The Washington Post, the Associated Press, and The Guardian all produce “machine-assisted” writing.
🎓 The ethical dilemma of silicon valley. With great power comes great responsibility. Stanford has established itself as the epicenter of computer science and a farm system for the tech giants.
👵 Robots that look after grandma. Rather than take people’s jobs, machines will help care for them in their old age. The Economist's take on robotic automation.
🧰 How Slack’s content strategy worked. For anyone who's looking to understand how to strategize content for growth.
💩 The portable-potty king. Portable toilets are a $2 billion business in the US, and one of the best places to find them is New York City. There, one man, CEO of Call-a-Head, boasts more than $35 million in annual revenue.
Fun facts 
😮 Integrity Idol, a competition held in a few developing countries to find the most honest government officials. It aims to highlight honest officials and inspire a new generation to be more effective public servants. Link.
😱 Americans lost $143 million in online relationship scams last year. Link.
😵 Therapists known as “wealth psychologist” help ultra-wealthy clients who are unable to mentally cope with their immense wealth. Link.
🙄 Pistachios are expensive because the trees take up to 20 years to reach peak production, and are "biennial-bearing", meaning a light harvest every other year. Link.
😳 An analysis based on insurance industry data concluded that without aging or disease, people would live an average of nearly 9,000 years before accident, murder, or disaster got them. Link.
Free ideas
💡 Wearable gym band that alerts you when the gym machine that you’re waiting for becomes free.
💡 An app that allows you to live stream others' chats.
💡 Someone somewhere in the world has the same Netflix watchlist as you do. Netflix for matches.
💡 A company model where you can basically steal portions of your coworkers paycheck by doing parts of their job.
💡 On-demand ATMs. Get or give cash from anyone who gets verified as a collector for this service.
If you happen to be a designer in India, two cool things are happening next week. On 22nd Feb in Bangalore, (The) Don Norman's sharing his learnings and experiences spanning his long and illustrious career. And on 23rd Feb in New Delhi, Souvik's organizing World Information Architecture Day (WIAD '19).
Gaurav Baheti
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