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Here's to the crazy ones.
"Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen." — Michael Jordan
Time is moving fast. It's July already. Here's what we have in this edition -
💰 The hobby of robbing banks. A raging heroin addiction fueled a former Boeing engineer’s yearlong, 30-bank robbery spree.
🛩 Tracking private jets. Where there’s a plane, there’s a data trail - hedge funds are tracking movement to find out where opportunities are cooking.
💼 The Business of Bounty Hunting. You may not realize it, but bounty hunting is still alive and well in America in 2019. It's fueled by old laws, loose guidelines, and not-great money. Long read alert.
🚶‍♂️ The loneliness epidemic. "I paid $47 an hour for someone to be my friend." An internet marketplace trading people’s time and attention for cash isn’t new.
⏱ How to get rid of meetings. Modifying incentives to run an organization, this Japanese org is setting new trends. Employees pay for everything from conference-room access (which costs $100/hour) to advice from coworkers (rates vary).
🤳 China's tourist problems. China is forcing tourists to download malware that checks text messages, calendar entries, and phone logs, as well as scans the device for over 70,000 different files.
📱 The Hotel Hackers. Back doors to your personal data can be found in everything from smart fish tanks to Wi-Fi pineapples.
🛍 How Costo won in the age of Amazon. In 1954, an attorney named Sol Price inherited a vacant airport hangar in San Diego. That's where it began.
🤾‍♀️ The startup helping school athletes go viral. Overtime wants to be the dominant sports network for kids who grew up with iPhones in their pockets.
🔬 Surveillance as a Service. Amazon’s surveillance capabilities weren’t extensive enough with its Echo, Ring, and Key. It has now patented drone-based surveillance.
Fun facts 
😮 Designer Coco Chanel was a Nazi spy and was directly involved in a plan for the Third Reich to take control of Madrid. Link.
🙄 Alexa commercials are intentionally muted in the 3,000Hz to 6,000Hz range of the audio spectrum, which tips off the system that the “Alexa” phrase being spoken isn’t in fact a real command and should be ignored. Link.
😵 John F. Kennedy was on 12 different medications a day during his presidency, just to enable him to face the day. Link.
😳 Kim Peek was a speed reader who could read a book in an hour by scanning the left page with his left eye and the right page with his right eye. He also had an exceptional memory, able to accurately recall the contents of 12,000 books. Link.
😱 Underneath the streets of Beijing, there are over a million people who live in nuclear bunkers. Link.
Free ideas
💡 An audiobook AI reader app that "reads your kids to sleep". The app would use the parent's voice to read there child's favorite book.
💡 A new Netflix series, White Mirror, that shows nothing but utopian futures as a result of technology.
💡 A reverse lottery where we randomly force a billionaire to pay millions of dollars to poor people.
💡 A smart TV that senses when advertisements come on and automatically decreases the volume.
💡 An alarm clock that wakes you up by screaming your bank account balance every morning and deducting a dollar for hitting snooze.
Gaurav Baheti
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