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How's it going?
Here's what I read this week-
🐶 How pet influencers make money. A manager for famous animals explains the big business of pets on social media.
👡 Brandless luxury goods. People buy Gucci so they can tell people they buy Gucci. But Italic, a luxury goods startup, is betting that consumers are more interested in the bag than the brand. For a $10 monthly fee, Italic members can buy 2 luxury items per month for label-less goods of Prada, Gucci etc.
🕉 The organization selling you a life cleanse. A GQ reporter went on a one-month wellness retreat in LA that plunged him into the dark depths of his psyche, and it’s just as horrifying as you might imagine.
💲 Move Slow and Make Things: Airtable’s $1B Story. Liu landed a software development job in San Jose at Accenture. But the night before his start date, he got cold feet and never showed. “It was a tough decision. I didn’t have any financial resources to fall back on,” Liu says. “But ultimately I chose to try to do a startup.”
🕶 Stan Lee and his career. Lee’s own road to fame wasn’t easy. A beautifully illustrated obituary of - Stan Lee, a giant in the comic book industry, who died November 12, 2018. 
👵 When no one retires. In the US, about 10,000 people turn 65 each day. You can see the graying of your workforce as a crisis — or an opportunity.
🎓 AI startup generates legal papers without lawyers. Prometea learned from about 300,000 scanned documents from past cases. The Buenos Aires says its 15 lawyers can now clear what used to be six months’ worth of cases in just six weeks.
🐓 How we might achieve a world without factory farming. Every year, tens of billions of land animals, and more sea creatures are killed in so-called “factory farms". What are we doing about it?
🔥 How much do data trackers know about you? 5,300 rows and 46 columns of data for a single user in one week. "These companies are like invisible strangers, peering over your shoulder taking notes about what you do online and offline."
💝 How to date a lot of billionaires. Jyoti and Kiran Matharoo sought fame on social media by flaunting what nature — and men — gave them. Then they got locked up abroad.
Fun facts 
😮 Silver straws are the new things - Tiffany & Co launched a silver straw for $375. ("Buying a silver straw and congratulating yourself on helping the planet is like taking a private jet to an environmental summit.") Link.
😳 China spent $168M last year to create artificial rains by cloud seeding. Link.
😱 Car tires were originally manufactured as white (because of the natural color of rubber) but changed to black due to a munitions shortage during World War I. Link.
🙄 The number of adult smokers peaked in the US at 42% in the 1960s. Today, only 14% of American adults smoke. Link.
😵 The most successful product in Shark Tank history is the Scrub Daddy, which has raked in over $75 million and sold more than 10 million units. On the show, Lori Greiner purchased 20% of the company for $200,000. Link.
Free ideas
💡 A digital service to help people find compatible organs or blood groups through hospital directories.
💡 A computer simulator that shows what the roads would be like if everyone drove like you.
💡 An option to bcc on WhatsApp.
💡 RateMyProfessor but for rating people who hold managerial positions at any employer.
💡 A camera app that rates you on physical appearance and gives you fashion advice.
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Gaurav Baheti
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