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Days are long, years are short.
This month, we announced a $1M fundraise of something we've been working on over this past year. Since then - we've moved into a new office in Gurgaon, onboarded new clients, and are hiring people who want to grow fast - and create a HUGE, lasting impact.
A lot of new, weird stories this week. Here's what we have in this edition -
🐮 The milk business without cows. They combine the dried proteins with plant fats, water, vitamins and minerals to make a lactose-free product that has the same properties — taste, consistency, and nutritional breakdown — of milk.
💬 A fake town of 82,000 people. How Redditors built a town full of impostors.
💃 Will the millennials save Playboy? The Hefners are gone, and so is the magazine’s short-lived ban on nudity — as well as virtually anyone on the staff over 35.
🕶 The billion-dollar streetwear brand. How an upstart NYC skate brand changed fashion forever - the real story of Supreme.
☘️ How Marijuana's attracting people into investing. Religion, veganism and marijuana used to tap trends esoteric strategies are widening their investor appeal. "The performance of the marijuana ETF, for example, has been stellar since its launch, with an annualised return of nearly 40 per cent."
🤖 Machines for copywriting. This robo-writer builds copy from a vocabulary database filled with 1m+ words that trigger emotional appeal in consumers.
📱 The business of phone farmers. Ordinary Americans are using armies of phones to generate cash to buy food, diapers, and beer through ad fraud. It's big.
👓 Expanding world's largest sunglasses business. Last year, Del Vecchio -- an Italian metalworker-turned-billionaire -- orchestrated the $53B mega-merger of his company Luxottica, which makes luxury sunglasses, and French lens maker Essilor.
☃️ The startup going creative with influencer marketing. Superplastic does sell physical toys (at a luxury price point of $80 for a 12-inch doll), but the entire brand is designed to create Instagram stars that are billed as “synthetic superstars.”
👼 Billion-dollar baby business. Babies R Us, Gymboree and Crazy 8 stores are gone. The Children’s Place is in the process of shutting 300 stores. And then there is Carter’s - the 154-year-old retailer has had 30 consecutive years of growth.
Fun facts 
😵 All of McDonalds’ delivery trucks in the UK, have been running on used cooking oil from their restaurants since 2007. Link.
😮 Chimps more sociable after watching movies together. Link.
😱 Americans are now tipping more money, and for more services, than ever before. It’s a phenomenon called “Tip Creep” where social pressure encourages tipping for counter-service interactions where a tip was previously never given. Link.
🙄 Ethiopians planted 353 million trees in 12 hours, part of a 4 billion tree-planting campaign to fight deforestation and climate change. Link.
😳 Switzerland is the only country in the world which could fit 114% of its population into bunkers in case of an emergency. Link.
Free ideas
💡 A service that provides a library as a service that you can get installed at your office/work/coffee shop.
💡 MonalisApp - Delivers your favorite paintings for temporary appreciation in your own home.
💡 Recipe website that not only gives you the recipe but fixes the seasoning levels to match your tastes.
💡 Quiet Restaurants - They could make these for people who just want to enjoy a meal in complete silence. The same rules would apply as there are in libraries.
💡 A treadmill that you pay to use and redeems in tranches as you reach your set goals.
Gaurav Baheti
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