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Happy new year!
Here are a few wild things from the first week of 2019-
💰 The Amazon's rich quick scheme. A growing number of self-proclaimed experts promise they can teach anyone how to make a passive income selling cheap Chinese goods in the internet's largest store. Not everyone’s getting rich quick.
🕶 The dark future of advertising. People do things, feel things, think things, and buy things for reasons they don’t understand. Because someone's always selling.
🥊 Chessboxing: the new craze. The ultimate game of brain-versus-brawn where players quickly flicker between four-minute speed chess and three-minute boxing.
👄 Seduction, Inc. The pickup industry mates market logic with the arts of seduction – turning human intimacy into hard labor.
🏈 Chinese tycoon trading in players. Mendes and Guo, co-founder of a Chinese investment group called Fosun, announced they would create an agency to expand soccer in China and help players build careers. But that was only part of the plan.
☘️ The mechanical photosynthesis. or “Photorespiratory bypass”—is a cassette of genetic changes that let the plants turn sunlight into energy more efficiently. The genetically modified plants are taller than normal ones and weigh more.
💼 The story of shady lending. How an obscure legal document turned New York’s court system into a debt-collection machine that’s chewing up small businesses across America.
🤳 Prime and punishment. “Dirty dealing in the $175 billion Amazon Marketplace.” Where there is money and people, there will be people looking for shortcuts to money.
🦍 What monopolies and king kong have in common. In a monopoly, one company is the only seller and can hike prices as it likes. In a monopsony, one company is the only buyer and can pay whatever prices or wages it likes.
🍷 The wine thief who robbed Goldman's CEO. “Dreams are all equipped with revolving doors. Someone is always walking into the one you are leaving.”
Fun facts 
😱 At one point in the 1990s, 50% of all CDs produced worldwide were for AOL. Link.
😵 A 240 decibel soundwave is enough to make your head resonate so much that it explodes. Link.
😮 The world's first airline was born on December 17, 1913. That was ten years later to the day of the Wright Brothers' first flight. Link.
🙄 A cow in Poland escaped on its way to the slaughterhouse, broke through a metal fence, swam to a nearby island, and was allowed to live there after its owner gave up trying to recapture it. Link.
😳 When M&M's were first invented, they were adopted by the military as it allowed soldiers to carry chocolate with them that wouldn't melt. It was even included as part of their rations. Link.
Free ideas
💡 Shoot two movies at the same time but with each movie talking place in the background of the other movie.
💡 A video game where you can act out vengeance for irritating daily events.
💡 Alarm clock that is synced to your paypal/stripe/paytm. You set your daily revenue target and if you achieve that target while you sleep then the alarm allows you a lie in, otherwise it will wake you up.
💡 A cooking show and at the end, you can call and order the food that was made.
💡 A multi-cuisine restaurant without a kitchen that takes an online order and gets food delivered there quickly from nearby restaurants.
Gaurav Baheti
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