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>65% people read Velocity, the day it's sent. It's hard to imagine life without technology. And more developments like the following will make it impossible.

Scientists are making robotic fruit pickers due to a shortage of workers, another researcher created a robotic finger attached to his own phone (creepy) calling it MobiLimb, and an electrical simulated spinal cord allows a paralyzed man to walk.
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🤖 The first “social network” of brains. BrainNet allows collaborative problem-solving using direct brain-to-brain communication. The group together has to solve a Tetris-like game in which a falling block has to be rotated so that it fits into space at the bottom of the screen.
😎 The annoying habits of highly effective people. The aim of admiring biographies and articles is to prompt their readers to emulate the work ethic of such leaders. But they will not reach the top of an S&P 500 firm if they do.
👓 How an editor’s career crisis led to a $500m startup. It began in 2013. An untold story of Yitiao - about new media and China’s middle class.
💰 Billboards—are having a heyday in a digital world. “Outdoor trading is getting more like internet trading.” Worldwide ad spend on so-called “out-of-home” advertising is expected to reach $38 billion this year.
👤 The world of Deepfakes. AI generated videos are emerging as the next frontier in fake news—and it just might make you second-guess everything you see. A world without truth?
🔮 Amazon's clever machines. The retail veterans who once decided what to sell have lost out to the marketplace data scientists. The people who command six-figure salaries to negotiate multimillion-dollar deals with major brands are being replaced by software that predicts what shoppers want and how much to charge for it.
👔 When tech nerds get a makeover. Increasingly in the spotlight, Silicon Valley’s tech execs are trading in their hoodies and sneakers for “big boy clothes.”
🔑 Get in bed with Skynet. Robot furniture is happening. This is the single greatest thing to happen to humanity ever, the robots told us to say. The Bumblebee Spaces “A.I. Butler” furniture system uses heavy duty straps to lower and raise the furniture from the ceiling.
🍕 Combat-ready pizza. The American military calls its combat field rations M.R.E.’s, for Meals, Ready to Eat, since they require no cooking. Forget 30-minute delivery — Army regulations say it has to stay fresh for 36 months. And after all that, the pizza still has to be tasty enough to eat.
🏅 The man behind the scooter revolution. Like so many inventions, the scooter was a child of necessity: Specifically, the need to get a bratwurst without looking like an idiot.
Fun facts 
😵 Within a year of installing milking robots and an automatic feeding system, one Icelandic farm saw its 80 cows produce 30% more milk.  Link.
🙄 America’s fastest growing foreign language is Telugu from south India. Link.
😳 Marriott was fined $600,000 by the FCC in 2014 for blocking customers' personal Wi-Fi so customers were forced to pay for internet. Link.
😮 New Zealand was the first country in the world to give women the right to vote on an equal status with men in 1893. Link.
😱 The surface of Enceladus, the sixth major moon of Saturn, reflects 90% of the light that hits it, essentially making it a giant mirror. Link.
Free ideas
💡 A map like Google that shows where you can afford to live based on your income.
💡 Take 1000s of pictures of people with the same name and compile together to see what the average person of that name looks like.
💡 A video game with a reincarnation based death system. If you die, you come back and have to carry on the mission(s) as whatever creature you respawned as. From human to ant.
💡 Public restroom stalls should be soundproof so that we don't have to be self-conscious about hearing each other shit.
💡 A documentary about its own making.
If you come across any cool things, that you think should go in the next edition, do forward. See you next week!
Gaurav Baheti
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