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Hey y'all,
Here are 10 things I thought were worth sharing this week-
💼 How office cubicles started. Over the past decades, the cubicle has become universal shorthand for an oppressive, soul-crushing work environment where dreams go to die. But why has the cubicle become both so hated and so ubiquitous?
🎮 The secret of productivity. By far the biggest predictor of whether something gets done is whether it’s fun to do. Make things fun.
🚙 How to speed up learning for self-driving cars. Waymo’s cars drive 10 million miles a day in a perilous virtual world. A simulation lets autonomous cars experience situations that are too dangerous to try in reality.
🤖 First ever robot to be questioned in court. Manufactured by SoftBank Robotics, Pepper is a semi-humanoid robot that is capable of “recognizing the principal human emotions and adapting his behavior to the mood of his interlocutor.
💰 How AI shapes every part of Amazon’s business. and how it plans to put those powers "in the hands of every developer and data scientist".
🥇 How Joseph's Machines Builds Crazy Contraptions. Joseph's Machines, isn't just an ongoing vlog or series of simple tutorials. Instead, it's a series of videos in which the comedian demonstrates the overly complex Rube Goldberg-style devices he builds in his New York apartment.
🔮 How the Internet archive works. Once on internet, always on internet. Roughly 7,000 simultaneous processes reach across the web to index all possible instances in the public domain.
💆 The woman running a $45 billion empire. “Do you help 100 people very deeply or do you try to make the world better for everyone?” Priscilla Chan is the woman tasked with spending $45 billion to help society, while her husband is being blamed for exploiting it.
👨‍💻 The coders automating their own jobs. The productivity web is littered with blog posts and how-to articles with titles like “How I Automated My Job With Node JS,” and there are dozens of podcasts about every conceivable kind of automation: small business, marketing, smartphone.
💲 The untold story of Stripe. The story goes deep into the founders’ early life of developing the concept for what would become one of the most important companies in tech.
Fun facts 
😳 The world’s oldest barber is 107 and still working full-time. Link.
😵 The average Chinese consumer has only 70g of chocolate a year while the average European consumer has 7kg.  Link.
😱 In the 18th century, Nostalgia was viewed as a serious mental disorder and was accompanied by a series of odd cures such as leaches and warm hypnotic emulsions. Link.
😮 There are pills available for purchase that make your farts smell like chocolate, roses or violets. Link.
🙄 The Olympic torch relay was invented by the Nazis to promote the Third Reich at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Link.
Free ideas
💡 Phones should let us set a reminder ‘warn me when my battery has X amount of time left before it dies."
💡 Mobile based tycoon games based on real cities, so that I can create my own versions of New York or New Delhi.
💡 An app that is able to message the owner of a vehicle via their vehicle plate number without revealing their identity.
💡 Make cars with steering wheels that vibrate like a game controller when you don't follow the traffic rules.
💡A restaurant that only provides you the ingredients and kitchenware that teaches you how to cook the recipe you want. Every month, the menu changes.
Gaurav Baheti
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