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It's never enough.
Time moves fast when you're busy. And equally slow when you're not. Last quarter of 2018 has begun. Wish you luck.

Don't miss - a 1921 car powered by a giant propeller, was made of plywood. Harvard researchers develop soft robotic arm to gently sample aquatic life. Power glove that can withstand incredible amounts of damage. Also don't miss this extremely real 3D painting of a cat.
Must read
🤖 The realistic robots. A company called Engineered Arts is making extremely life-like robots. This is a video showing them off, it's actually pretty incredible, especially how smoothly the robots blink.
💰 The most important turning points in Microsoft’s history. How Microsoft ruthlessly pursued market share at any and all costs. How Microsoft’s relentless focus on “a PC in every home” almost destroyed the company.
👠 The trend of millennials outsourcing life. Millennials live in small rooms, with shared amenities, like kitchens & mini golf while paying service fees WeWork-style. A 98-square ft apartment with free shampoo, room cleaning and shared services can run to $1,800 per month. Fascinating model.
🎮 Video game industry on the cloud. For all the attention paid to Hollywood celebrities and movies, games played on PC and consoles will bring in estimated $67.5 billion this year—$25 billion more than films’ worldwide box office receipts. And mobile games will make more than PC and console games combined.
🔮 A Rolex will not win you new friends. “Ugh, I’m so busy”: A status symbol for our time. In 1899, an economist named Thorstein Veblen coined a term—“conspicuous consumption”. Basically, purchasing certain goods in order to show off—why people buy expensive things that are unnecessary.
🎥 Data with destiny. More than 90% of the world’s data appeared in the past two years. From privacy to politics, Facebook to facial recognitionThe Economist released this view of the true impact of the data revolution.
🎬 The generation raised by Youtube. The content creators, armed with better tools to measure what sticks, are coming for your kids' attention spans, and they are "weirder—and more globalized—than adults could have expected.
🙈 The company making robo-pets. Boston Dynamics, founded in 1992, plans to start selling SpotMini, its first commercial robot. The mechanical dog would be a turning point for an outfit that has bewildered people with both its wondrous tech and its seeming lack of interest in making things someone would actually want to buy.
🚗 Google Maps for self-driving cars. This startup is building it. In as little as 24 hours, Mapper will deliver a machine-readable map of any place on earth with public roads.
💸 The king of venture capital. “Life’s too short to think small.” The Japanese dealmaker says he’ll raise a new $100 billion fund every few years. Silicon Valley’s disruptors are struggling to keep up.
Fun facts 
😳 Dragonflies have one of the highest hunting success rates in the animal kingdom at 97% (compared to a lion's mere 20%) Link.
😵 The falling code from the Matrix is actually a sushi recipe the production designer, Simon Whiteley, scanned from one of his wife's Japanese cookbooks.  Link.
🙄 A device which measures nuclear explosions is known as a bhangmeter. This is not named after the sound of an explosion; the name actually comes from bhang, a variety of cannabis, because you'd have to be high to think a bhangmeter is accurate. Link.
😮 GoBots were the first robot transforming toy of the 1980's, predating Transformers by a year. Link.
😱 New York City had tunnel police in 1950s. Link.
Free ideas
💡 A stalk mode chrome extension for LinkedIn where you can browse profiles without it sending them notifications.
💡 A feature that silents the morning alarm if you’ve been using your phone.
💡 A sitcom where two conmen run a call center for stalkers.
💡 Student loans only exist if you fail or drop out; otherwise all debt is forgiven upon graduation.
💡Netflix content but where I can randomly flip channels and see what's going on them.
Thank you all for sharing your stuff last week! Look forward to more.
Gaurav Baheti
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