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What's up?
Here are a few interesting things I read this week-
💰 The 7-year-old millionaire. The boy king of ad dollars reviews kids' toys on Youtube. About $21m of his earnings came from advertising on his channels, and the remaining $1m came from sponsored posts.
⭐️ Why people compete every day to give us free stuff. Reciprocal Altruism (RA) is humanity. It is the concept that explains progress and is crucial to study and understand if you’re human.
🤖 The robot reading your mind. What would you say if told that you could direct an object to move with nothing but your thoughts? It’s not fiction—it’s very much a reality.
🕶 How much “fake news” can we identify? This study examined 10m+ tweets from 700k+ Twitter accounts. This interactive breaks down the findings and shows how fake news really spread during the election.
🔥 How criminals steal $37b a year from America’s elderly. Telephone pitchers, online scammers and even family members target the most vulnerable among us. And it’s about to get worse.
📱 The friendship that made Google huge. Coding together at the same computer, Jeff Dean and Sanjay Ghemawat changed the course of the company—and the Internet.
🎯 The making of "How I built this". Guy Raz interviewed founders of Instagram, Airbnb, Lyft, Glossier etc and has turned a pure zeal for business into a juggernaut podcast.
🗺 The hottest way to advertise in 2018? Billboards. Read this to know how has the world’s oldest advertising medium managed to survive the onslaught of a digital revolution.
🎥 This company is helping build China’s panopticon. SenseTime, the world’s most valuable AI startup, aims to bring its smarter-cameras-everywhere model, well, everywhere.
👛 The power of pettiness. Do you get annoyed when people repeat claims that you know aren’t true? Pettiness could be an important trait for doing original, creative work.
Fun facts 
😮 Katy Perry's first album, released under her given name, Katy Hudson, was a flop and sold less than 200 copies before her record label shut down.  Link.
🙄 Nuclear bombs when detonated at high altitudes during night time will light up the sky for up to 30 minutes. Link.
😱 Victoria’s Secret started out as a store where men could shop for lingerie for their wives/girlfriends without feeling embarrassed. Link.
😳 The oldest unopened Wine Bottle is +1650 years old. Link.
😵 When Apple was building a massive data center in rural North Carolina, a couple who had lived there for 34 years refused to sell their house and plot of land worth $181,700. After making countless offers, Apple eventually paid them $1.7 million to leave. Link.
Free ideas
💡 An app where you can draw your own route for someone and they get it as GPS directions.
💡 A marketing algorithm that determines you're broke and can barely pay your bills so it doesn't show you ads anymore.
💡 Silent candy/chips packaging for movie theatres.
💡 Socialist Lottery - if no one wins after a certain amount of time the lottery pool is distributed evenly among the people that played.
💡 App stores should show you how many people uninstalled the game/app.
Gaurav Baheti
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