Friday 19 June 2020
CIJ stands in solidarity with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and those across the world fighting for the end of oppressive and racist laws and policing.

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Voices of adolescents valued
A few weeks ago, the CIJ highlighted some of the challenges for vulnerable court users which have been compounded by the current pandemic response.This includes adolescents who have an application for a Family Violence Intervention Order brought against them, but who often do not attend court in the first instance, in part because these applications are usually brought so swiftly by police. 

While the impacts on court lists had compelled the Children's Court to adjourn some second mentions, so vital to gleaning relevant information, the CIJ understands that the court has now been able to adapt further and is running staggered court lists to enable matters involving adolescent respondents to be progressed and more closely monitored. This is really pleasing news and signals the value that the court is placing on the safety of children and families during this time. We know that adaptation requires considerable work behind the scenes - work which, as indicated in our blog in May, government must recognise through additional investment, as well as through broader reform which equips police and courts with the discretion and the full extent of information that they require.

Perpetrator Identification and Comprehensive Assessment Tools
Family Safety Victoria has engaged a team led by Curtin University and involving the CIJ’s Elena Campbell and Consultant Rodney Vlais to develop two evidence-based perpetrator identification and comprehensive assessment tools through a multi-tier process. To date many tools for identifying and assessing family violence perpetrators have evolved through a combination of practice experience, observation and case reviews. 

Stage One of this project involved collating the available research evidence and Stage Two is now commencing to gather feedback and views from those with experience working in Men’s Behaviour Change Programs to help determine the contents of the tools. The CIJ is delighted to be a part of this fantastic team and is looking forward to being involved in the work as it progresses. 

  • Intersections of gambling and offending: What can integrated financial counselling and legal practice achieve? - Hosted by CIJ
    1pm, Friday 26 June 2020
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  • May Parity Magazine Launch: Mental Health, Housing and Homelessness - Hosted by Council to Homeless Persons
    10am, Friday 26 June 2020
    Register here.

To end on a positive note...
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Stay Safe!

- CIJ Team
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