To Live Life to the Full, You Must Kick Fear to the Curb!
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     Dear beautiful, precious "Sister",

     Fear has kept many a woman frozen still from fully living out her purpose.To get out there and live your purpose, you need to identify your fear and kick it to the curb. What thoughts and/or beliefs cause you to feel anxiety, dread, and nervous anticipation?  Innocently enough, these can become stall tactics that can ruin your opportunity for adventure and growing dreams. Fear permeates our imaginations, conjuring up worst case scenarios and every possible horrific outcome we can think of, stopping us in our tracks.  

     Why do we do this to ourselves?

     It can be learned behavior from our upbringing. It can be a lack of trust in your Lord and His provisions. There are numerous reasons why we may have residual thoughts and feelings of fear, but whatever the reason, we have a tendency to ruminate on them. We may not cause the initial images that flash across our mind, but we do have choices as to what to do with those images. We are going to focus on what to do and the choices we have when fear pops up in our head and into our emotions.
  • Here's the really good news. You get to be in charge of your mind and emotions. We cannot always control what pops in, but we certainly can choose what to do with those pop-ins. We get to stop the fear in it's tracks. Casting our emotional and mental fear before the Lord is foundational to getting and maintaining freedom. There are many verses in God's Word pertaining to fear, one is: Isaiah 41:10 "Don't be afraid, for I am with you. Do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you. I will help you. I will uphold you with my victorious right hand."
  • Instead of ignoring fear, identify what the fear is. Boldly look at that fear, whether imagined or from past experience, and speak truth to yourself. It is not happening right this moment, and by grace, we can move forward bravely-not looking for a negative outcome. 
  • Waiting for the fear to dissipate before we take action only reinforces the control fear has over our lives. You must be proactive here. Retrain your mind to move forward in spite of the fear. Will this guarantee that you'll never have a negative outcome? Of course not, but think of this; are you willing to trade a 5% likely negative outcome for 95% positive experience? Are you willing to stay frozen in self-protection mode because of the possible 5%? Do you really want to trade the 95% to stay frozen? Is that not crazy? Let us not live crazy, beloved. We put our faith in Him and the outcome, and He fully equips us to walk ahead.
  • Understand that failure is not a curse. Failure is an important learning curve. We all need to experience failure to mature and grow. If you fear failure and avoid it at all cots, you are missing out on one of God's beautiful ways of using all of our experiences to shape and grow us. 
  • As you continue to move out of your comfort zone and "do it anyway", it will get easier and you'll gain more confidence. You will become more brave.
  • Pass it on. Encourage one another. Sometimes, we just want a word of encouragement from someone. Share your brave story with someone who's struggling with fear paralysis.
  •  It's a big deal to "do it anyway" in spite of fearful barrages. Celebrate those victories. You are fully living with intention, with gusto, and with abandon. 
  • It's important to note that it is normal to have the emotion of fear. It's what we do with it that helps or hinders us. Jesus felt fear in the Garden before he was crucified, beyond what we can imagine. He didn't freeze up, He took His fear to His Farther and walked ahead in obedience. He saved the world. None of us have experienced fear to the point of sweating blood as Jesus did. Praise God for that!
     Start dreaming again. Make plans. Live the plan. You are meant to live a life of fullness.
     YOUR ACTION STEP: What is your next step to finding peace from fear paralysis? When will you do it? Who will you share your victory with?

      If you are struggling in the area of fear, you are not meant to go it alone. Reach out to me for a free Coaching Session. I'll help you identify, get clear on why it is, and what you can do to live a life of freedom from bondage of fear. If your quality of life is diminishing, please reach out to a trusted health professional. I have referrals, as well.  There are very successful treatments available.
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Shelly Guernsey CLC
Master Coach in Life, Business & Faith
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