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Welcome to Tinby's Christmas Newsletter where you can read about, among other things:  

  • INFORMATION ON: Could Danish manufacturing in China be an option for you and your company?
  • INFORMATION ON: How Tinby's unique task-force concept works
  • INSPIRATION: Normann's Tap Stool - design in flexible integral foam
  • WORKING ENVIRONMENT: We do more for the working environment
  • INSPIRATION: What can PUR be used for?
  • CHALLENGE US! Have an idea you'd like to try out?
As 2016 draws to a close, we'd like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to our clients and partners for the past year!
At Tinby, the last 12 months have presented us with plenty of new challenges and exciting projects, and as always, we have worked on developing our raw materials, technology, quality, working environment and level of efficiency. Combined with our continued global expansion, this gives our existing and potential clients even greater options - and that includes the New Year.
We look forward to matching our options to the level of competitiveness you will require in the future, and, as always, we are ready to meet the challenges presented by your exciting projects in the year to come.
We wish you a very merry Christmas
and a happy and prosperous New Year!
Happy reading!
Best wishes,
Torben Nielsen, CEO
Tinby A/S
NB! Tinby A/S will close for Christmas from 12:00 on 23 December
and will reopen on 2 January 2017.
Could Danish production in China be an option for you?
As you may know, Tinby A/S has its own manufacturing facilities in Denmark, Poland, the USA and China. As many of our clients have expressed an interest in this and find it relevant to their business, we have decided to provide a little more information about our Chinese factory here. Perhaps this could be of interest to you and your business, too?

Do you want to collaborate with us
on a development project?

If the answer is yes, we'll put together a creative team of engineers and other professionals who have just the right expertise for your project. We have learned through experience that no two development projects are alike, and that's why we know that a "task force" like this is a vital component in the process of thinking through the optimal set-up for the development and production of your particular item. Our solution models are always 100% customised to each client and are unique - every single time!
NB! We have almost 45 years of experience in moulding parts in polyurethane, including 10 years as subcontractors to key players within the wind turbine industry. We provide the know-how and technology, and we offer manufacturing facilities in China, Poland, the USA and Denmark.

Original design that's made to be used  

Normann Copenhagen is a Danish design company whose mission is to create original products in simple, contemporary designs - in a quality that can stand up to daily use. Among the company's many products, you'll find designer Simon Legald's Tap Stool which won the German Design Award “Special Mention” in 2016. Tinby moulds the stool's comfortable PUR seat which is produced in an especially flexible, integral foam.
What can polyurethane be used for?
Polyurethane (PUR) is a thermoset plastic whose qualities enable it to be used where other materials fall short. Tinby can offer many formulas within the following main categories: Integral foam, solid foam, flexible integral foam and elastomers. We would like to mention, in particular, the following properties of these materials:
  • high durability and tensile strength
  • noise and vibration-dampening
  • a super-efficient insulator
  • good chemical, thermal and electrical properties
  • can be produced in very lightweight material
  • can be used to replace many other types of material
  • can be produced in sandwich constructions
  • can be stained and varnished
  • various types of components can be embedded in it
PUR can thus be used in a wide range of products, for example, window frames, insulation, wind turbine blade components, furniture parts, cabinets for the health care industry, car interiors...and much more. PUR offers high quality at affordable prices.
We do more for the working environment

At Tinby, we are ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001-certified in all of our factories - worldwide. Tinby has been awarded the Danish Working Environment Authority's green smiley with a crown. In short, this means that we have been awarded a recognised working environment certificate, and that we have made an extraordinary effort to ensure a high standard in our working environment. In order to be awarded a green smiley, the Danish Working Environment Authority must establish that: 1) The company does not contravene the workplace health and safety regulations, and 2) the company does not have any outstanding issues with the Danish Working Environment Authority. So yes, we obviously live up to that.
> Check whether your supplier has a crown smiley (only in Danish)
Who is Tinby?

Tinby A/S has been supplying complete polyurethane solutions to clients all over the world for 45 years. With its 250 employees in Denmark, the USA, China and Poland, Tinby A/S serves primarily four segments: 1) cabinets 2) flex, 3) greentech and 4) design.
We strive to build and optimise long term business relationships with our customers in order to provide top quality solutions customised to each individual client, relationships in which we'll be happy to shoulder responsibility for a large portion of the value chain - from concept, design and development to production, processing and distribution.
Tinby is your guarantee of top quality and reliable delivery at competitive prices - from our factories in Denmark, Poland, China and the USA.
Have an idea you'd like to try out?

At Tinby A/S, we have a wide range of materials, and in-depth development and manufacturing know-how. By involving us from the very beginning during the concept phase, you will benefit from significant synergies created by the helpful, and indeed, crucial knowledge we can contribute, which will elevate the quality of your product, and ensure a more competitive price.
So if you’d like to test out your idea with us...
Contact our Sales and Project Manager 
Michael V. Therkelsen

We look forward to hearing from you!

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