Updates, changes, and reminders

Rivers team update
Katie Nagy has returned from parental leave and will initially transition back part-time. Please continue to direct your gravel availability queries to Ella will provide additional support to reduce response times. 
The Rivers Planning Advisory team is assisting with processing authorisations to reduce wait times. Additionally, we posted a vacancy to dedicate more resource to processing gravel authorisations. We thank you for your patience in the meantime.
Gravel Management Strategy review
Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to respond to our feedback gathering survey. We received over 60 responses and are reading your feedback with great interest.
We are hosting two workshops in the coming month. The workshops will be facilitated by an independent external facilitator.
  • On Oct 13th the Gravel Liaison Committee, i.e. your elected representatives for your region, will meet in Christchurch; and
  • On Oct 17th, the MoU Group will meet in Timaru.
Invites have been sent out via email. If you think you were missed off the list, please get in touch with Katie via

Key planning changes
Proposed Plan Change 2 to the Waimakariri River Regional Plan has adopted a more restrictive area, which is now treated as operative. Areas not covered by the WRRP now fall under the LWRP, which means that Gravel Authorisations (GAs) can now be issued for tributaries of the Waimakariri River below Woodstock. GAs are therefore now available for the Eyre River, Coopers Creek, the Cust River, if the Gravel Authorisation criteria is met.
Resource Consents are still required for the Waimakariri River and tributaries above Woodstock, i.e. the Cass, Kowai, Esk and Bealey rivers.
LWRP wording changes
The rules in the Land and Water Regional Plan have been slightly updated with Proposed Plan Change 7. These changes are treated as operative.  
  • In addition to salmon spawning sites and inanga spawning sites, please also check the ECan Maps layers for Critical Habitat when making your assessments. Critical Habitat has now replaced the previously used term ‘Indigenous Freshwater Species Habitat’.
  • Temporary discharges to water are now measured in terms of visual clarity standards and not suspended solids.

Please ensure that you erect warning signs adjacent to work sites in the riverbed or on access roads to the riverbed. This is to ensure the health and safety of the public that may come across work areas, and is a requirement within the River Gravel Extraction Code of Practice. Compliance staff may remind you if the extraction activity is likely to pose a risk to the public.
Please continue to send us notification prior to starting work. This is a requirement to be compliant with your consent or authorisation.
This is a quick reminder that it is bird nesting season. We’re pleased to be receiving so many surveys – thank you!

Other updates
We have updated the gravel availability layer on ECan Maps. The Orari and Pareora rivers have been mapped and now feature on this layer. If you need a refresher on how to access the layer on ECan Maps, please contact Katie via the gravel inbox.
Website updates have been completed, including the Gravel Liaison Committee contact list. We encourage you to raise items of discussion with your area representative so that these can be discussed at the next Gravel Liaison Committee meeting.
Rolling stones
Regional number of gravel authorisations and consents - update for 2022 as of 13 Sep 2022
  Consents granted in 2022 m3 consents in 2022 GAs granted in 2022 m3 GAs in 2022 Active consents Active GAs In process applications To expire by end of 2022
Northern 4 56,000 8 79,000 23 11 6 5
Waimakariri 5 240,400 3 7,700 31 3 11 3
Central 2 11,000 21 334,800 25 26 11 7
Southern 4 30,700 9 101,000 33 23 11 9
Total 15 338,100 41 522,500 112 63 40* 24
*36 of those are GAs; does not include application awaiting s88 check
The Rivers team have provided 121 gravel availability assessments in 2022 to date.
In comparison, by September 2021, we provided 129 gravel availability assessments, so it’s been an equally busy year.
We are still working through 28 active availability requests, with the majority of those in the Southern area.

Drop-in days

Last year Katie offered the option of drop-in days in regional offices to show the use of ECan Maps and answer any gravel-related queries but had little interest or uptake. Katie is again offering drop-in days in Timaru and Amberley. Please send a brief email to indicating your interest and Katie will schedule some days before the end of the year.