Take risks: if you win, you will be happy; if you lose, you will be wise.  -Anonymous
I'm so excited to embark on this adventure of Fox & Crow as a full-time business!  We are settling into our new home in the Sunshine State and I am full of hope, determination and love.  If you are interested in following the joys and challenges of this journey you can like Fox & Crow on Facebook or follow me on  instagram!   --  Evan                                               
I don't want to be that guy who has Christmas music on before Halloween, but if you want to get a thoughtful gift for a special friend there is no time like the present!  Check out these custom gifts....
Custom Art Family Crest
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Fox & Crow Makin' Stuff Time
Until the new Makin' Stuff Show comes out here is something really cool for you to play with!  It turns out you can use flowers to dye clothing!  This was very exciting news to me!  It's kinder to the earth and a very relaxing and beautiful process!
Custom Pet Portrait
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Lots of Love & Appreciation,

Evan P. Neidich
Fox & Crow
In other exciting news...
The Warrior Goddess Retreat
Join me February 4th - 9th at Pura Vida in Costa Rica!  Check it out if you are a woman interested in opportunities for creativity, adventure, travel, growth, community and empowerment!  Please check out the website and get in touch with me or Haley Night to learn more!
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