<<First Name>>, We'd like to open this issue with HUGE THANKS to the readers who responded to my invitation to write to us last week. You have NO IDEA how happy it makes us when readers respond!!  First, it lets us know you are reading what we take the time to prepare each week. Second, it lets us know how you are doing, which we LOVE hearing. Third, it gives us more to share with the rest of our readers.

Carleen shared, "4-7-8.  I use this for my anxiety attacks – every night this puts me to sleep within a couple breaths."

Rietta, who was there at the mindfulness evening I wrote about, shared, "Thank you for last Wednesday. I was so in tune with mindfulness and have learned how to slow down a bit and look out at the world to see it radiate... and the brilliant colours, as you pointed out. I have been taking more pictures of our ever changing sky. Some of the views blow me away. Also, I am spending more time in the steam room at the gym to deepen my breathing, after discovering (Wednesday evening) I AM a very shallow breather."

And now, we are delighted to share with you a wonderful article from a fellow Nia teacher, brilliant author and artist, Patricia L. Atchison
by guest writer, Patricia L. Atchison

I recently came back from an overseas vacation to England and Scotland, where my family attended a cousins wedding. Travelling to the United Kingdom (UK) had been on my bucket list for a number of years.

The question became one of ‘could we ever afford it’? I think because of the distance, the idea of travelling there seemed impossible. Have you ever put constraints on a bucket list item?  Why do we put obstacles in the way of some of the wish lists we have?

Usually, the first thing we do is associate an activity with a monetary value. Then we put a timing issue on it. Life gets in the way and we never find the time to bring our wish to realization. Ah the excuses go on and on and on…

My dream vacation was to visit London, Scotland and parts in between. First Hubby said, “It’s so expensive!”, then came the, “Well, you know you need at least six weeks to visit. There’s so much to see in only a couple of weeks”, then “How can I take that much time off work.” It seems the negatives never ended.
I tried to be hopeful though. I really, eventually wanted to go over ‘there’.

In the meantime, my daughter decided she wanted to do a Contiki tour of England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland. She didn’t dwell on any “what about(s)”. She simply made it happen, with the motto, “go big or stay home”. Off she went for thirty days, returning home with a lifetime of treasured memories.
Hmmm, this got us thinking.

Then one day on a television newscast, West Jet talked about new flights to London with enormous cost savings. I went online and of course the one seat sale I found disappeared. Ready to give up again, I suddenly thought, what about other air carriers. Sure enough when one company claims a good seat sale, the other is sure to follow, and I found a great deal on flights from Calgary to London, Heathrow.

During all this ruminating, a cousin whom we had never met, but someone we conversed with regularly on Facebook, announced his wedding in 8 months’ time. Our daughter also met said cousin while on her travels and once again, we began thinking, maybe we could swing a trip over ‘there’ and go to the wedding too. But, always the big ‘but’, how could we do it in just two weeks, was it really worth it, when one wouldn’t be able to see hardly anything in such a short time… yada… yada. Why do we insist on sinking our boat even before it leaves the dock?

At this point I can’t stress enough about how easy it is to spin a negative on a wish/desire or goal. Why do we do that?
Finally, after a little more thought and planning, we secured airline tickets and hotels to London, Heathrow; 2 nights in London; a train to Newcastle-upon-Tyne (5 nights at the bride and grooms house); another train to Edinburgh (3 nights hotel); a train to Inverness (sadly only 2 nights here); a flight back to Heathrow (1 night and a rush taxi to Windsor Castle for the late afternoon); and back to Calgary the next day.

Let me tell you the vacation was fantastic! What we saw in ‘such a short amount of time for the area’ left us with a taste for more, and ideas on where we can go next in the UK.
We met many new relatives (turns out they share the same Great Grannie as my husband), who are the most joyful, wonderful loving people! They opened their homes and toured us all around. We are so grateful for time spent with them.

We saw countryside, architecture, and history that Canada simply does not have. We discovered unique food and cultural differences. Don’t even get me started on the castles…
Reflecting on the vacation, we realize it is much better to travel now, then holding off until we retire, when we might not be as mobile or healthy.

The valuable lesson we learned is - don’t immediately apply constraints to your thinking when it comes to adventure and travel. Just Go! It’ll all work out. Save more, plan more, research deals, and work extra hard for the time off. Make it happen, step by step!

from the movie, The Bucket List:

Edward Cole: I envy people who have faith, I just can't get my head around it.

Carter Chambers: Maybe because your head's in the way.

The Bucket List Official Trailer #1 - (2007) HD
Official trailer from the movie (click on the image to view the video)
<<First Name>>, check out the new listings below!
(Events listed in chronological order)
Agrihood Info Session
Wed, June 29, 6:30 pm, Louise Riley Library, 1904 14 Avenue NW, Calgary

Find out more about the strong vision to create an Agrihood not far from Calgary - a sustainable housing community built around organic food growing - that provides: Year round food production; Education in sustainability; Eco-built housing.  If you like the idea of building & living in an ecologically sustainable community, are interested in permaculture design & gardening, need space for your eco-friendly business or workshop, or have time, skills, or resources to help them make this dream a reality...
No cost to attend
. Please RSVP to  
Nia in the Park with Tina
Mon, Jul 11 7:00 - 9:00pm  AND Tues, Jul 26, 6:30 - 7:30pm, residential Park located on 14 Ave between 5th and 6th St NE.

Fun, dance-based, barefoot movement to uplifting music that connects your mind, body and spirit. A great work-out that blends the energies of 3 dance arts, 3 martial arts and 3 healing arts, Nia feels nothing like a workout, but more like freedom for your soul.
 Studio class = $15 drop-in; Nia in the Park = Pay what you can.   Please call/text Tina at 403-860-7311 to register.
(A full schedule of Tina's classes and the Alberta Nia trainings are listed on our website, along with a VIDEO of Tina's class. Click here to access the list and video.
Intuitive Painting for Non-Artists
Tues, July 12, 7 - 9:00pm, 63 Martin Crossing Pk NE

A no-pressure way to paint for those with or without any artistic talent or experience! Tina begins with a guided meditation to get your creative juices flowing, then you get to play with expressing yourself on paper with paint. We complete the evening with a uniquely insightful sharing experience.
$30.00 for the evening.  Limited to 6 people. All materials supplied.
Please Register by calling 403-285-5266 by July 6th.  Thank you.
Sound Wellness Foundation
4 Wednesday evenings starting July 6, on-line
  • significantly reduce your stress and the negative health consequences from chronic stress. In minutes!
  • learn effective tools for managing your aches and pains.
  • prevent - and reduce the effects of - chronic illness!
This fabulous webinar is presented by our dear friends Ed and Sharon of Sound Wellness. Register for the on-line event here.
HALS session with Tina - Release pain, Relax, Feel Calm, Peaceful and Rejuvenated!
Book the day and time that is convenient for you.   NE Calgary (1 1/2 blocks off the c-train line)

Calm and Ease your Mind, Relax and Balance your Body, Relieve Pain and Stress through a unique combination of modalities and tools (singing bowl, tuning forks, ReConnection (similar to Reiki) and Light Energy) spiritually channelled through The Feel Good Lady specifically for what you need in the moment).  Call Tina for more info and to book a session or book on-line here
"I didn't know what to expect from a HALS session with Tina. I was nervous and anxious that I would feel raw, emotional, drained and exhausted after the session, but instead I felt light, bright and free. It's amazing to experience clearing and clarity without pain and suffering! Based on what what came up for me, I no longer feel alone. Thank you so much!" -Cindy Booth, March 2016
ISGI READINGS (Intuitive Spiritual Guidance and Insights) with The Feel Good Lady.
In person or over the phone; book the day and time that is convenient for you. 

Looking for advice or guidance? Curious about what ‘the other side’ wants to tell you??
A variety of Divination decks/Oracle cards are used to ignite the Channelling of Guidance, Life-Enhancing Information, and Advice specifically for You. Your session begins with a delightful sound bath with Tina’s ‘songpod’. (sounds like fairy bells and raises your vibration to ensure the best connection with your higher self and your guides)
Your ISGI Reading is Guaranteed to be delightfully Insightful and Fun!
Call Tina for more info and to book a session or book on-line here

GREAT IDEA!  Book an ISGI party! Tina will do individual readings in a group setting for 6 to 8 people.  Contact her at 403-285-2566 for more details.
Laser Coaching
Over the phone; book the day and time that is convenient for you.  

Feeling a bit stuck? Need help determining the next step in your project or journey? Got something to do that you keep putting off? Get the proverbial "kick in the butt" you need to get you moving!  It's amazing what can be accomplished in 30 focused minutes... a new action plan, fresh ideas and perspectives, accountability...  A few laser coaching sessions may be all you need to get you back on track.  Call 403-285-5266 for more info and/or book a session or book on-line here

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