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We continue with the series of emails that aim at bringing you on a journey with me to level up our skills, confidence, performance and happiness. 


Thus far we are on a roll! We've done The unnecessary habit of Self Sabotage, Intention In a New Identity and this week we are spending time in gratitude.

Any practice to upskill is not complete till we spend time in gratitude and appreciation. Top studies have now linked gratitude with health, happiness and overall improved quality of life in people who regularly practice it. 

Some of the proven benefits include:

  • Physical health, lesser aches, pains and migraines
  • Improved quality of sleep leading to a more rested and refreshed individual
  • Increased self-confidence and self-esteem allowing for better successes at work undertaken
  • Increased resilience, lesser likely to be impacted by trauma, lesser stress levels

On a simpler level, spending time in gratitude becomes important because there is so much going on that we miss most of what happens in our life. Miracles and good news don't register. We miss out on relishing and feeling out the everyday things that are working on our behalf. 

The flowers keep dropping into our laps but alas we don't look at our ourselves to see how full and abundant we are!

It's SO easy to stay in a problem-solving mode and forget to pick up on the cool stuff that's manifesting around us all the time. 

So join me this week for a really cool activity. I've been doing versions of this for some years now but this exact format was put together in 2016 and I've loved the process. 

Here's what you need to do for the challenge:

  • On the first sheet of paper, put the heading, '100 Reasons Why 2017 Rocked' and go on to write down 100 experiences you had that are reasons to celebrate. No reason is too big or small, this is something that YOU were impacted by and it is something that matters to YOU. 
  • On the second sheet of paper, we are going to think of the energy and situations that are GOING to manifest in 2018. 
    • On the top half of the sheet, identify areas of your life that matter (Home, Relationships, Work, Health, etc). Under each of these, write down a few things that are going manifest or things that you'd like to see happen. 
    • On the bottom half of the same sheet, write down words that describe the energy that will surround you or the energy that you are wanting to be all year around. 
(Here's a photo of my sheets. For the words, I had asked others to contribute on my social media. Ill use these, in addition, to some of what I want)
It's the Time for the Little Wins!

The little win is all about noticing all the things that have already show up for us. Taking a moment to spend time with the wins, allowing ourselves to be uplifted by their energy.

What you will notice is that as we make space and time for appreciation our energy starts to mirror the mindset of happiness, joy, appreciation. Thus creating more of the same!

Downstream effortless flow. That's what we are after. 

Just For the week: 
It's Monday and we have six days to go. So just for this week, your mission, is to complete the challenge of listing out 100 reasons why you ROCKED 2017. And think through the energy you intend to be in 2018. 

Just this week. For six more days. 

During the week, make of note of what this gratitude exercise did for your overall attitude. Any changes in the quality of sleep, stress levels, confidence?

That's it. Write down what you saw unfold during the day.


I hope you have fun with this assignment this week and you get to experience the little wins! I am going to send you something next week, which will further our levelling up exercise. 

Yes, you can share with me what you have identified, follow up questions and of course your little wins too! 

Written with Love

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