Learn how to connect to APIs using Apps Script, and bring external data into your Google Sheet applications.
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Connect to an API with your Google Sheet.

Psst, it's actually pretty easy!

My latest post is a guide on how to use Apps Script to connect to your first API (Application Program Interface) and bring external data into your Google Sheet.

It's fun and really satisfying if you've never used APIs before.

Read the full guide here

In this post, we build 3 applications - a super easy warm up using the Numbers API, then an iTunes music explorer and finally, the Star Wars API explorer using the Star Wars API.

We'll walk through how to parse the API data to extract just the bits we want.

Learning how to connect to APIs allows you to build really interesting and useful applications in your Google Sheets. You'll find most web services have pretty good APIs these days, so you can retrieve data and build useful tools or custom dashboards for your organization.


P.S. That link to the API post again.

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